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FindYourFate   .   20 Nov 2023   .   1 min read

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December 2023 is not much eventful and has the usual planetary transits and moon phases. The New Moon for December happens on the 12th in the sign of Scorpio. This is a time for some emotional transformations. The following day on the 13th, Mercury goes retrograde in Capricorn. This would bring about some delays and hindrances around. Then we have the Sun moving over to the sign of Sagittarius on the 16th of December, when you will be drawn towards your faith. On December 24th, Venus, the planet of love transits to Scorpio. This transit of Venus will enhance our feelings of romance and sensuality. Following Venus’ entry to Scorpio, Mars transits from Scorpio to Sagittarius on the 27th. This means that our actions would be being motivated by ideals. As the year ends on the 30th of December, the retrograding Jupiter goes direct. This change in Jupiter's movement from retrogression to direct means that the good or bad which the transit has to deliver, gets delivered.

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