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Jupiter is a slow moving planet just like Saturn and is one of the outer planets. Jupiter travels through the zodiac sky and takes about a year to move from one sign to the other. In the course of this transit, it happens to transit through certain planets posited in our natal chart.

When Jupiter transits over a birth planet, it would bring expansion to the keywords of the said planet. Certain areas of your life would see an increase in resources based upon the planet that Jupiter transits through. It would help you to plan your life strategy better and use the transit through your natal planets more effectively.

Jupiter transit through Natal Sun

When transit Jupiter passes through your natal Sun in the birth chart, you would get financial gains. Especially natives stand to get the favor of governmental agencies. Natives would be bestowed with much knowledge during the transit period, there would be an yearning to garner more wisdom. However, if the Sun happens to be a malefic for the natives, then the effects would be harmful. They would become very aggressive and might be prone to much stress and strain in life.

Transit Jupiter through Natal Moon

When Jupiter transits through Moon in the natal chart, then there are chances for a major relocation. Natives need to work still harder when compared to the other times, even to get average benefits. Delays, hindrances and obstacles would come in way of your progress. But then the natives would be bestowed with much wealth during the period.

Jupiter transit through Natal Mercury

As Jupiter transits through Mercury, the planet of communication in one’s birth chart, he or she would be endowed with success in the field of studies and research. They would earn name, fame and repute in the society. During the period, they would be able to get into a good career field. There would be an aptitude for teaching and literature as well.

Jupiter transit through Natal Venus

During the transit of Jupiter through Venus in the natal chart, you would be able to see  a bent towards creative study skills. It would be an auspicious transit for the natives. It bestows the person with good health and cheer and also promises conjugal felicity with partner.

Jupiter transit through Natal Mars

When transit Jupiter travels through Mars in the birth chart, then the native might have some blood issues. Any health troubles for the native would be healed by the transiting Jupiter. And the aspiring single ones get married during this transit. If the transiting Jupiter happens to aspect the 11th house then the native would be blessed with good friends gains in life.

Transit of Jupiter through its Own Sign

When Jupiter transits through its own place in the birth chart, it would be a benefic period for the native.  This transit is possible only every 12 years and hence is termed to be very auspicious. Marriage and birth of children would happen for the native. They would become highly ambitious and would progress in all walks of life. They involve themselves in spiritual inclinations as well. Those into business would prosper during this transit period.

Transit of Jupiter through Natal Saturn

If Jupiter transits through Saturn in the birth chart, then there might be relocation owing to career for the native. Though this shift would bring about good financial remuneration, the native might suffer by separation from family. Jupiter would try to improve the finances of the native, while Saturn fights to restrict the same.

Jupiter Transit through Natal Rahu

When Jupiter transits through Rahu in your birth chart, then this would be a favorable transit. You would be blessed with gains, name and fame in society. Speculative deals would fetch you good returns. However, the effects would be there till Jupiter transits Rahu only, hence make the most out of this Jupiter transit.

Jupiter Transit through Natal Ketu

As Jupiter transits through Ketu in your natal chart, there would be a change of your personality. Your moods change and there might be erratic behaviour on your part. Your intelligence increases and this is a good period for spiritual pursuits. Natives have a tendency to like solitude during the transit, but then make the most of this time.


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