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Jupiter is a planet that spends approximately about a year in each zodiac sign. It is the planet that rules over our growth and prosperity in life. It is a benefic planet and would be aspecting the 5th , 7th and 9th houses from it position.

According to Vedic Astrology, the planet Guru or Jupiter transits from the Moon sign of Aries or Mesha Rasi to Taurus Moon sign or Rishabha Rasi on the 1st of May, 2024 which would be a Wednesday. Here, Jupiter stays till the 14th of May, 2025 after which it transits to the house of Gemini or Mithuna Rasi. From the sign of Taurus or Rishabha, Jupiter stands to aspect the signs of Virgo, Scorpio and Capricorn or the Rasis of Kanni, Vrishcikha and Makara.

Here is a general interpretation of how this Jupiter transit stands to affect the 12 Moon signs or Rasis for the period 2024-2025.

Mesha Rasi/ Aries Moon sign

On the 1st of May, 2024, Jupiter that had been in your Ascendant for the past one year period shifts position to your 2nd house of Taurus or Rishabha where it would be posited till May 2025. This is your house of family and finances, hence expect some changes in these areas. This would be a beneficial transit for Mesha Rasi people with goodness in family and betterment of your finances. And Jupiter would be aspecting your 6th , 8th and 10th houses and areas ruled over by these stand activated for the next one year period. Mesha Rasi people would be able to win court cases and troubles over enemies as Jupiter transits. There would be good advancement in your professional life and paternal gains come naturally to you.

Rishabha Rasi/ Taurus Moon Sign

Jupiter or Guru transits to the sign of Taurus on the 1st of May, 2024 and would stay here till May 2025. This is your home base or 1st house. This transit would improve your self -image and self-respect for the transit period. Your personality as a whole gets a major shift these days. Jupiter would be aspecting your 5th , 7th and 9th houses from its position. This would give the natives happiness through children, chances of luck in speculative deals. There would be goodness in your love life or marriage and partnership ventures. Also foreign travel and spirituality get benefited by this Jupiter transit.

Mithuna Rasi/ Gemini Moon sign

Jupiter transits to the 12th house from the 11th house on the 1st of May, 2024 for Mithuna Rasi folks. This would bless the natives with gains from foreign connections and chances for foreign settlement. However unwanted medical expenditure like that of medical expenses might trouble you. From your 12th house, Jupiter stands to aspect your 4th , 6th and 8th houses. Hence this transit would assure you with domestic welfare and happiness. This would be favorable for your mother and maternal links and there are chances for buying property during the period. Health would be generally good for the transit time and native students would be successful in competitive exams. Legal cases and law suits end in your favor and you would win over your enemies. There is scope for inheritance by legacy and your sexual life improves a lot as Jupiter transits your 12th house.

Kataka Rasi/ Cancer Moon sign

This May 1st , 2024 Jupiter or Guru transits from your 10th to the 11th house where it would be for the next one year. This is the house of gains and promises much gains in life through the transit period. From the 11th house Jupiter would be aspecting your 3rd , 5th and 7th houses. This would solve your communication issues and favor many short journeys. Kataka Rasi natives would see an improvement in their relationship with siblings too. There would be happiness through children and chances of conception of a child if there are aspirations towards the same. Also, relationship with spouse or partner would get better by the day as the transit of Jupiter continues through your 11th house.

Simha Rasi/ Leo Moon sign

For Simha Rasi folks, Jupiter transits from the 9th house to the 10th house on the 1st of May, 2024 and would be here till 14th May 2025. This assures natives good career growth for the period. And Jupiter in your 10th house aspects your 2nd , 4th and 6th houses. This would bless you with good finances, domestic welfare and happiness, good health and win over enemies and law suits. Long-awaited job changes would materialize during the transit period. Investments in properties would be seen and peace and harmony would prevail at home for the Simha people.

Kanni Rasi/ Virgo Moon Sign

Kanni Rasi natives would see Jupiter or Guru transiting from the 8th house to the 9th house on the 1st of May, 2024. This would bless the natives with prosperity, gains through inheritance, increase of financial flow and the like. From the 9th house Jupiter would aspect your 1st , 3rd and 5th houses. This would improve your personality and self-worth, financial blessings come to you. Your business grows, there would be gains and happiness through partner and children, there are chances for higher education and relationship with partner would get better. Travel likely for Kanni Rais peopled during the period. Health would become your focal point and you would improve yourself spiritually this transit period. Overall, this would be a time for self-transformation.

Tula Rasi/ Libra Moon Sign

For Tula Rasi folks or those with their Moon posited in the sign of Libra, Jupiter transits from the 7th to the 8th house on the 1st of May, 2024. It would stay there for a one year period till May, 2025. From the 8th house Jupiter would be aspecting your 12th , 2nd and 4th houses. Jupiter through the 8th house highlights your spirituality and interest in the occult sciences. Natives stand to benefit through inheritance or legacy these days. The aspect of this transiting Jupiter on the 12th house would gives chances for foreign travels and settlement for the aspiring natives. Your finances would get better and domestic happiness is assured. There would be good relationship with mother and natives stand the chance for buying of much landed property during the transit period.

Vrischikha Rasi/ Scorpio Moon Sign

On the 1st of May, 2024, Scorpio Moon sign people would see Jupiter moving from their 6th to the 7th house. This transit would last for a one-year period till May, 2025. This Jupiter transit to the 7th house would see Jupiter aspecting your 11th , 1st and 3rd houses for the transit period. As for the effects of the transit, natives would get the good support of partner or spouse in life. Your business connections would also grow. Love and marriage relationships prosper like never before. The aspect on the 11th house would bless you with immense gains in life and happiness through family and friends. As for the aspect on the 1st house, you would better your personality and self-worth. Natives would excel in their communication skills, short distance journeys materialize as transiting Jupiter aspects your 3rd house.

Dhanus Rasi/ Sagittarius Moon Sign

For Dhanus Rasi people or Sagittarius Moon sign natives, Jupiter would be moving from the 5th to the 6th house on the 1st of May, 2024. This transit period lasts till May 2025. From your 6th house, Jupiter would be aspecting your 10th , 12th and 2nd houses. This Jupiter transit would ne highly beneficial for Dhanus Rasi people. You would get prosperous, there would be happiness through children, your health improves and you might come out of bad debts and loans. And the aspect of the transiting Jupiter on the 10th house would help you to excel in your career through the transit period. Financial management comes into focus and unexpected obstacles come your way. Litigations and law suits end in your favor though.

Makara Rasi/ Capricorn Moon Sign

On the 1st of May, 2024 Jupiter transits from the 4th to the 5th house for Makara Rasi people. This transit would last for one year till May, 2025 and Jupiter would aspect your 9th , 11th and 1st house being posited in your 5th house. This Jupiter transit would bless you with childbirth or happiness through children. You would be successful in your love pursuits and there would be luck in speculations. As for the aspect on the 9th house, Jupiter would bless you with overall prosperity, long distant travels and scope for higher education for the aspiring ones. The 11th house aspect of Jupiter would bless you with immense gains in life and happiness through friends. The aspect of the transiting Jupiter on the 1st house would be a period of self-transformation for Makara Rasi people.

Kumbha Rasi/ Aquarius Moon Sign

For Kumbha Rasi natives or those born with their Moon posited in the sign of Aquarius, Jupiter or Guru transits from the 3rd house to the 4th house on 1 May, 2024. This is your house of domestic welfare and happiness. Natives stand to gain maternal properties, there would be goodness in your relationship with mother. There are chances for you to buy landed property or your dream house during the transit period. Happiness would prevail in life and there would be a sense of satisfaction when you complete your tasks. Jupiter aspects your 8th, 10th and 12th houses from your 4th house during this transit. This would improve your spiritual life and get you roped into the occult sciences or astrology. The 10th house aspect would bless you immensely in the professional front. And the 12th house aspect would increase your links towards the occult sciences and research works. Those with chronic illnesses would see some improvement and natives stand to gain through inheritance as well as Jupiter transits through their 4th house.

Meena Rasi/ Pisces Moon Sign

From 1st May 2024 till May 2025 Jupiter will transit through the 3rd house for Meena Rasi people. From here Jupiter would be aspecting your 7th , 9th and 11th houses. This indicates that you would need to put in some extra effort and hard work to get recognition in profession. Those into onliness business and social media would see good rewards this Jupiter transit period. And the 3rd house transit of Jupiter ensures good relations with siblings. The aspect of Jupiter on your 7th house would bring about goodness in your relationship with spouse or partner. This would be a good period to expand your business ventures and joint deals would be fruitful for the long run. There would be increased interest in spirituality. You would get the good support of family and money owed to you for long would come now.

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