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Findyourfate   .   18 May 2023   .   4 mins read

Chariklo with the asteroid number of 10199 is one of the largest Centaurs that has been discovered till date. Centaurs are small bodies just outside our solar system. Chariklo is said to orbit the Sun between the planets Saturn and Uranus. It is known for its Rings. Asteroid Chariklo was discovered on the 15th of February, 1997 at the University of Arizona, USA.

Mythology behind Chariklo

Chariklo, said to be a fresh water Nymph, was the daughter of Apollo and the wife of Chiron. Mythology has it that Chariklo is a Temple Priestess of Vesta. The very name Chariklo means Graceful Spinner and it indicates our body, our personal space and our astral travel. Chariklo is all about charisma and grace.

It is said that Chariklo was a woman of character and she was not embroiled in any scandals. Some say that she was immortal. One story goes that she worked for Athena and had a son by name Tiresias. Once Tiresias was cursed by Athena to become blind because he saw her naked. Chariklo begged Athena to get back her curse but in vain. Instead Athena made Tiresias a great Prophet.

Another myth is that Chariklo worked with the Goddess Vesta. She got married to Chiron and was blessed with four children. Chariklo made a great wife and mother and was said to be an amazing soul. Despite losing her husband Chiron and some of her children she maintained her grace and charm.

Asteroid Chariklo in Astrology

Chariklo looks at healing and grace. Her placement in the natal chart is all about where we need to find balance in our lives, and how we set our boundaries.

Asteroid Chariklo is about how you let karma do its job when encountered with ill-treatment from others. Much charm, grace and spirituality is needed when fighting back those who did you harm. Chiron is said to be the wounded healer where despite getting healed, he still has the wounds. Chariklo on other hand implies true inner healing.

In 1997, when Chariklo was first discovered it was found in the sign of Leo. Chariklo was in the sign of Capricorn between 2015 to 2020 when spirituality and related healing was emphasized. From 2021, Chariklo is transiting the sign of Aquarius which would bring many more to the spiritual side.

Here’s how Chariklo behaves when placed in the different zodiac signs:

Chariklo in Aries

When asteroid Chariklo is present in the zodiac sign of Aries, it means that natives need to control their temper and impatience. Sometimes when they are stretched to their limits, they should not react. When in a group, they ought to show their individual characteristics rather than revolting.

Chariklo in Taurus
Got asteroid Chriklo placed in the sign of Taurus? Then it implies that you would be graceful and have good social relationships. You make your own boundaries and respect that of others as well.

Chariklo in Gemini
If Chariklo asteroid is posited in the sign of Gemini, then the natives ought to learn to set boundaries both on the personal and professional space. They are good in multi-tasking.

Chariklo in Cancer
When the zodiac sign of Cancer hosts the asteroid Chariklo in one’s natal chart then the native should establish a clear-cut boundary in family relationships, especially maternal relations need a border line. They are more engrossed in their own agendas.

Chariklo in Leo
Asteroid Chariklo when in Leo makes the natives to establish a boundary with respect to their fun and adventure. They have a knack to teach boundaries to others by their wits.

Chariklo in Virgo
When Chariklo asteroid is placed in the zodiac sign of Virgo, the natives ought to establish a clear-cut boundary in their work place. They should be able to draw the line as to when and how they should help their peers.

Chariklo in Libra
If asteroid Chariklo is present in the sign of Libra then the natives aspire to maintain a good boundary with their partner or loved ones. They teach their other half to do as well by setting themselves as an example.

Chariklo in Scorpio
Chariklo posited in the sign of Scorpio indicates that need for the natives to establish a proper boundary line with regard to sex, intimacy and using the resources of others around.

Chariklo in Sagittarius
If you have asteroid Chariklo placed in the zodiac sign of Sagittarius then you need to draw the boundary line as yo what principles or ideas you believe in. You also show others how to think and act positively.

Chariklo in Capricorn
If Chariklo is found in the sign of Capricorn, then the native needs to establish a boundary in his or her career. Natives remain silent and composed to get their point across rather than acting hastily. They are adept in using latest technology.

Chariklo in Aquarius
Chariklo in Aquarius indicates that the natives should establish their social boundary lines. Though they are compassionate they need to draw a line as to where their help and sense of support to others end.

Chariklo in Pisces
Natives with Chariklo asteroid placed in the zodiac sign of Pisces need to set their spiritual or psychic boundaries. They need to have a sense of self and should learn to say no as well.

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