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Chariklo with the asteroid number of 10199 is one of the largest Centaurs that has been discovered till date. Centaurs are small bodies just outside our solar system. Chariklo is said to orbit the Sun between the planets Saturn and Uranus. It is known for its Rings. Asteroid Chariklo was discovered on the 15th of February, 1997 at the University of Arizona, USA.

Asteroid Chariklo in Astrology

Chariklo looks at healing and grace. Her placement in the natal chart is all about where we need to find balance in our lives, and how we set our boundaries.

Asteroid Chariklo is about how you let karma do its job when encountered with ill-treatment from others. Much charm, grace and spirituality is needed when fighting back those who did you harm. Chiron is said to be the wounded healer where despite getting healed, he still has the wounds. Chariklo on other hand implies true inner healing.

In 1997, when Chariklo was first discovered it was found in the sign of Leo. Chariklo was in the sign of Capricorn between 2015 to 2020 when spirituality and related healing was emphasized. From 2021, Chariklo is transiting the sign of Aquarius which would bring many more to the spiritual side.

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