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The season of Cancer extends from June 21 to July 22 every year. Cancer is said to be the Mama of all the season. It is the fourth zodiac sign in the astrological line - up, is a water sign, is of cardinal mode and is the first sign that marks the arrival of the summer season. This is the period that the Sun enters the sign of Cancer and is a season of nurturing and caring. The Cancer season is a time when we are nudged to come out of our shell. We would be influenced to be kind and compassionate to others.

As we enter the season of Cancer, our focus would shift to things that really matter in our life like family, friends and our security. This is a time when we feel a bit clingy to our loved ones. Our sense of intuition and sensitivity would be at its highest as the Sun transits through the sign of Cancer.

The main phrase for the Cancer season would be “I Feel”. The animal sign for Cancer is the Crab which tends to carry its own home or shell wherever it goes. Much like the crab, the Cancers have the innate nature of yearning for security and safety and tend to protect those who come under them. “To Protect” is yet another keyword for Cancer.

So, what is the Cancer season best known for…

This is a season when love and romance would be more intense. We would be breaking certain conventional ideas in these areas during the Cancer. This season would guide us in expressing our emotions quite artistically for that matter. A time when the inner-most of our self would be out to the fore. Being a watery sign, the Sun in Cancer would bring about wavering moments in our lives. There would be a sense of anxiety and confusion around.

What must we do during the Cancer season:

  •  Self care routines
  •  Connecting to loved ones
  •  Renovations and Refurbishing our home
  •  Spending time near water sources
  •  Affirm our Priorities in life
  •  Form meaningful relationships

How will Cancer season affect the signs:

The Cancer season is all about emotions, sensitivity and relationships. This season gets you much closer to your loved ones. You become more kind and loving. Read on to find out how the zodiac signs stand to get affected by the Cancer season.


For the Cancer season, the Sun transits through the 4th house of domestic welfare for the Aries people. This highlights the need to take better care of yourself and those around. Use the season to renovate or brighten up your place of living. As this is the nesting season, spend time for socializing. Go slow, rest and rejuvenate your spirits. This season is all about receiving and giving for Aries folks.


The Sun moves through the 3rd house of communication and siblings for Taurus people as the Cancer season dawns. During this time, you have to communicate your emotions more freely. Think out of the box and open up. For the period you would be coming out of your cosy couch and embrace the social situation you are put into. You would be able to better bond with your siblings and your communications would get better by the day.


With the Sun traversing through your 2nd house for the Cancer season your general finances stand highlighted this season. This makes you to deserve abundance and a better inflow of funds. Your relationship with money improves and you would be able meet your financial goals or at least get nearer to it. The Cancer season enables you to enjoy material comforts. This would be a good time to indulge in some luxury item purchases if that had been on your radar for quite some time now.


The Sun is in your sign, it is your birthday and your solar return period and hence a time to celebrate life. During this season you would be in the spotlight, hence you ought to come out of your shell to embrace the Sun’s warmth. You would feel more at home. This is a time to improve your self rather than resorting to others’ needs and not feel guilty about the same. Just figure out what you want in life and keep pursuing it.


The Sun, your ruler would be transiting through your 12th house of Cancer for the Cancer season. This is a time when you can make some higher connections in life. Follow your intuition, be still and watch life unravel before your eyes. This season might make you a bit low or at a loss of energy. This is a good time to pursue spiritual or social works to keep you in good spirits.


During the Cancer season, the Sun traverses through the 11th house for the Virgins. The 11th house is all about gains and friendships. This would activate your very mission or purpose in life. You yearn to bring about security to your loved ones. This is a good time to prune your relationships. You can connect to them better on an emotional note. Team works pay off well. Plan some time off with family and friends for the season.


With the Cancer season setting in, the Sun moves through the 10th house of profession for the Libras. This highlights your career purpose and how you align your interests towards the same. Follow your intuition and gut instinct to make use of the career opportunities that come your way. This is not a time for any power play now. Be kind and compassionate with peers, sharpen your skillsets and slow down your work pace. Try not to rush over things, you might trip and fall over.


 The Sun traverses through the 9th house of prosperity and higher learning for the Scorpios during the Cancer season. For the time period you are asked to share your knowledge by being a master or teacher. Much success comes calling your way, do share your wisdom with others. You would be asked to come out of your cocoon and make use of the opportunities that come your way. This is a time that would bless you with immense adventures and productive life experiences, of course you are a water sign and hence there would be a good flow of positive energy around.


Sagittarians would see the Sun posited in the 8th house during the Cancer season. This would give them an opportunity for inner healing. You would become more honest these days and this in turn will lead you to the path you always yearned to walk in. This season would bring about a fear of your relationships, particularly, the intimate ones. This is a good time to show your real emotions and feelings to your loved ones. Keep secrets and resentments to yourself for now, getting it to the open would do you more harm than good these days.


During the Cancer season, the Sun would be in the 7th house of love and marriage for Capricorn folks. Hence this would be a time to work on your relationships. The quality of love and romance that you encounter these days would be honest, intense and deep enough. This season would make you more compassionate and considerate of others’ feelings and emotions. A good time to strengthen the bond of love with your partner.


As for the Cancer season, the Aquarians would see the Sun transiting through the 6th house of health and work commitments. This would be a time when your focus should be on you and your protection and general well - being. Follow good health habit routines and return to the basics. Bring about a better balance between work and play. Make sure that stress and strain does not impede with your health. Get help when needed.


For Pisces people, the onset of the Cancer season means the Sun transiting through their 5th house of children, love and luck. Hence this season of Cancer is all about enjoying life like a child. Let your creativity run wild, express yourself in any form of art. Protect your sensitive and generous nature during this watery season when you would be going with the flow. However, make sure that you establish clear boundaries in life and work. Take your relationships to a whole new level during this Cancer season.

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