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Findyourfate   .   02 Dec 2022   .   5 mins read

A natal chart or birth chart is a map that shows where the planets where on the zodiac sky at the time of your birth. Analysing the birth chart will help us to understand our positives and negatives, our course of life for the present and future. 

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Once a birth chart has been cast, astrologers tend to read the same based on the planets posited in the different houses.  They also look for the angles or aspects and the relationship that exists between the different planets in the chart. These have a greater say on your personality and your life.

Generally the planets are distributed varyingly all along the chart. However when carefully analysed the planet distribution tends to follow a certain pattern or shape and getting to understand this pattern that is formed by the planets in the birth chart has a major say on your horoscope.

Find here what the different chart types are there and what they imply:

The Splay Pattern

The Splay pattern of birth chart is a very common pattern noticed in most birth charts. Here the planets are found scattered unevenly across the chart with  one or more clusters found randomly.

Natives who have this kind of Splay distribution of planets in their birth chart find it very difficult to cope with the expectations of those around. They hold on to their ground even if there is no compromise around. However they are found to be quite satisfied with their resources and love freedom in life.

The Splash Pattern

In the Splash pattern type of birth chart, the planets would be found evenly distributed all along the chart and most of the houses would be occupied, rarely would we see an empty house.

Natives who sport the Splash kind of birth chart have a broad mindset and are more focussed than the others. They have various interests in life that keep them quite busy. They are quick to adapt and are versatile in nature. Though they seem to master all skills they lack direction in their endeavors. Their talents and skills are very thin and scattered.

The Bundle Pattern

This is one of the rarest occurrence of planet placements in  a natal chart. Here all the planets are found to be concentrated in about one third of the total area of the entire zodiac circle. As the planets seem to be bundled together in one area it is termed as Bundle pattern.

People with the Bundle type of natal chart are said to be narrow minded. Most of their energies would be found focussed towards the small area of concentration in their natal chart and the rest of the area does not get any focus. But then the natives would be specialists in their field and are often found to have obsessive interests. They have single interests to which they put  their heart and soul into.  It has been observed that if the bundle is found in the upper half of the chart then the natives would be more into the public affairs and if in the lower half would be more into personal endeavors. 

The Hour Glass or See Saw Pattern

In a birth chart if the planets are found to be found in two clusters or either side of the chart then it is said to be of the Hour Glass pattern or See Saw pattern.

Natives with such a distribution of planets in their natal chart always tend to find a balance in life but in vain. They are always more into their relationships and learn a lot through life experiences, the hard way though. Natives crave for individuality and are motivated in different directions with time. For some it would end in confusions while the more adept ones use this trait to hone their creativity.

The Locomotive Pattern

When the planets are spread out for over two thirds of the natal chart, say roughly about nine houses or so, then it is said to be of the locomotive type as it resembles a train of compartments being led by an engine.

Those who have this type of pattern in their natal chart are found to be very dynamic in nature. The areas devoid of planets need extra handling, but for this the natives ae self-driven. The first planet in the clockwise direction would be the driving force for the person and he or she would be more motivated in the area occupied by that particular planet.

The Bucket Pattern

When most of the planets are concentrated on one  part of the natal chart and only one planet is placed in the other half of the chart then it is said to be of the bucket pattern. The single planet on one side of the chart tends to counter balance the energy of the planets posited on the other side.

Natives with such a pattern in their natal chart are said to be focussed on their goals. The house and the single planet placed therein represent the area where the native is more focussed on. All their energies would be channeled through this one part of their chart. The single planet holds much significance for the native’s future predictions.

The Bowl Pattern

If a person happens to have all his planets concentrated towards one half of the natal chart then it is said to be of the bowl type.

Natives with such a chart are usually self contained and satisfied in life. However they always seem to be one sided in life. If the bowl pattern happens to be in the upper half of the chart then the native would be an extrovert more bent on material resources and if the bowl pattern is seen below the horizon he or she would be an introvert.

If the bowl pattern faces the right side to the east of the Mid-heaven axis then they would be society-oriented and if it faces the left of the Mid-heaven axis then the natives would strive to balance between relationships and personal desires.

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