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Findyourfate   .   27 Apr 2023   .   5 mins read

Asteroid Karma sports the astronomical number of 3811 and it clearly indicates if you have good karma or bad karma in life. Actually Karma is a Hindu term that indicates that what you do in this life comes back to you in the ensuing births. Karma is known as the summaryof a person’s actions in this and his or her previous birth existence which in turn woulddecide his/her future birth prospects. Simply put, what goes around comes around.

The presence of Karma in our birth chart would be the key to decide what we need to work on in our present birth, what we did during our past and what balance is left out which might impact our future ages. When asteroid Karma is in square aspect to Mars or Saturn in the birth chart then it has negative implications. If it is in trine or sextile with Jupiter, Venus or Sun then it points out that you had accumulated positive karma.
The house where asteroid Karma is placed in your birth chart indicates what particular area you are concentrating more on in order to lead a balanced life.. It shows your inner calling. Karma is a celestial body that denotes the personal fortune due for you. Its placement in the natal chart indicates how much luck and how much struggles are there to be in your life. This is one of the asteroid that best expresses what sort of adventure or future is in store for you.

Here are the observations for Asteroid Karma in the various Zodiac Signs

Asteroid Karma in Aries:
When asteroid Karma is found placed in the first sign of Aries then it indicates that in your past birth you would have been full of ego and pursued your life goals with great zeal. Now in this birth you would be learning how to avoid impulsiveness and help others with your resources. If in a negative aspect it points out that you would have played with personal and professional lives of others earlier. When found in a positive aspect, you are promised much luck and fortune.

Asteroid Karma in Taurus:
Found in the sign of Taurus asteroid Karma points out that either you enjoyed sensual pleasures or was denied of it in your last birth. Now you would be learning how to build a stable empire and how to garner resources. If the asteroid is afflicted in your natal chart then you would have a negative approach towards sex, sensuality and spirituality. If in a positive aspect, you would be more creative and much attached to domestic life.

Asteroid Karma in Gemini:
If asteroid Karma is placed in the house of Gemini, then it points out that in your past life you were let down owing to your ignorance or you might have led a false propaganda against someone. It this life, you are asked to do some research before speaking things out. When Karma is found afflicted in the natal chart there might be troubles with siblings and if found in good aspects you would get social support.

Asteroid Karma in Cancer:
Is asteroid Karma is placed in the sign of Cancer for you?, then it means that you did not get much emotional support in your past life and in this life you would be struggling with your finances and emotions. When it is afflicted it means that you need to balance your emotions and if found in a positive aspect in the natal chart then the natives would have good maternal support system.

Asteroid Karma in Leo:
If asteroid Karma is posited in the sign of Leo then in your past life you would have been a speculator. You would not have put your knowledge to good use. In this birth you are asked to keep a check over your ego and self-confidence. If Karma is in affliction in your natal placement you would have troubles with your relationships and if in a positive aspect you would be lucky with your finances and relationships.

Asteroid Karma in Virgo:
When asteroid Karma is placed in the sign of Virgo, it implies that in your past birth you ignored your health regimen. And you were too much into spirituality. In this birth you would be lucky enough to have good health. When found afflicted this asteroid indicates troubles in following clean health habits and an obsession towards the same, when in a positive aspect it implies good health and cheer and contentment for the native.

Asteroid Karma in Libra:
If the sign of Libra hosts Asteroid Karma for you then it means that in your past birth you were a bit flirty and was not committed in a relationship. In this life you would be blessed with a happy relationship and life. If Karma is found in a negative aspect in your chart then it points out that you are highly egoistical and your relationships fail but when in a positive aspects, Karma would bless you with a balanced relationship.

Asteroid Karma in Scorpio:
When Asteroid Karma is placed in the sign of Scorpio for you, it indicates that you would have gained recognition due to your sensuous nature. Now in this birth you would be able to get rid of this sensual obsession. If Karma is in a negative aspect in your chart then you have trust issues and if in a positive aspect would bless you with financial gains and power in life.

Asteroid Karma in Sagittarius:
Asteroid Karma in Sagittarius implies that you would have taken advantage of the naïve in your past birth. Now you would be more honest and mindful in life. Any sort of negative aspect for Karma asteroid in the chart would make you unkind while a positive aspect would bless you with much knowledge and make you religious-minded.

Asteroid Karma in Capricorn:
Got Asteroid Karma in the sign of Capricorn.. Then it means then you would have on obsession towards controlling others during your past birth. Now you would be balancing your career and family life.Any sort of negative aspect that Karma is found in the natal chart  indicates troubles with paternal relationship and positive aspect would make the native a very great leader in society.

Asteroid Karma in Aquarius:
When found in the sign of Aquarius, asteroid Karma would have brought about mishaps and unfortunate events in life. Now in this birth it helps you to express yourself freely and practice moderation in everything. When Karma is in negative aspect in the birth char it brings about difficulty in self-expression and when in a positive aspect improves your social life and follow your life’s desire.

Asteroid Karma in Pisces:
Asteroid Karma placed in the sign of Pisces is said to be in one of its best placements. This indicates that the native has reached his or her final karmic path. It is found in Energy Healers. When it is in a positive aspect in the natal chart, natives would be more self-aware and when in a negative aspect would bring about mental health issues and substance abuses.

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