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Asteroid Karma sports the astronomical number of 3811 and it clearly indicates if you have good karma or bad karma in life. Actually Karma is a Hindu term that indicates that what you do in this life comes back to you in the ensuing births. Karma is known as the summary of a person’s actions in this and his or her previous birth existence which in turn would decide his/her future birth prospects. Simply put, what goes around comes around.

The presence of Karma in our birth chart would be the key to decide what we need to work on in our present birth, what we did during our past and what balance is left out which might impact our future ages. When asteroid Karma is in square aspect to Mars or Saturn in the birth chart then it has negative implications. If it is in trine or sextile with Jupiter, Venus or Sun then it points out that you had accumulated positive karma.


The house where asteroid Karma is placed in your birth chart indicates what particular area you are concentrating more on in order to lead a balanced life.. It shows your inner calling. Karma is a celestial body that denotes the personal fortune due for you. Its placement in the natal chart indicates how much luck and how much struggles are there to be in your life. This is one of the asteroid that best expresses what sort of adventure or future is in store for you.

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