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The Amatyakaraka is the planet or Graha that rules over the domain of profession or career of a person. To find out this planet, check out the planet with the second highest degree in your natal chart. The planet with the highest degree is called the Atmakaraka or Soul Planet. The word “Amatya” means someone close. Hence Amatyakaraka refers to a counsel or guide who helps you to accomplish ambitions in life. The Amatyakaraka planet influences and shapes your finances, education and profession.

The position of the Amatyakaraka is very important in ones’ birth chart. Job positions, the aspects to this planet and the connection of the Amatyakaraka to the 10th Lord play a major role in the selection of the career path of an individual.

For example if Sun is the Amatyakaraka then it indicates a career in the field of science or education. When Moon, ruling over the mind happens to the Amatyakaraka then it is related to career that are associated with an intellectual work. It also denotes working in tandem with industries related to women and their needs. Mars as the Amatyakaraka is related to the positions in Police, investigations, surgeons and Engineers. With Mercury professions involved in business, auditing and analytics can be connected.

The significance of the Amatyakaraka planet in Indian astrology

Rules Career

The Amatyakaraka planet rules over your career path. It governs the way you take on the relationship with authorities and colleagues in work place. It gives insight on what career suits you best and how successful you would be in your career field.

Mentors and Guides

The Amatyakaraka planet indicates a person who guides you or mentors you in life. Itdenotes one who is responsible for guiding you towards achieving your goals in life.

Drives towards Life purpose

Your Amatyakaraka is the driver of your life’s purpose, that takes you to your destination.

Decision Making

The Amatyakaraka planet is responsible for the important decisions you make in life and the timing associated with the same.

Rules learning and Finances

The Amatyakaraka planet is also responsible for success in learning and finances of the native. As per your Amatyakaraka planet your financial standing and educational level would vary.

Governs growth

The Amatyakaraka planet also takes care of your development and growth in life and protects you when you are through challenges and risky periods.

Find Below the different Amatyakaraka planets and what they mean to you:

Amatyakaraka Sun:

When Sun occupies the second highest degree after the Atmakaraka or the Soul Planet then it is said to be the Amatyakaraka. The Sun rules over Government and administrative positions in career. When Sun is the Amatyakaraka then the native would settle down in life as a Politician, a Doctor, a teacher or a Lawyer.

Did you know that Franklin Roosevelt, Aishwarya Rai, Barack Obama and Lal Bahadur Shastri had the Sun as Amatyakaraka.

Amatyakaraka Moon:

When Moon becomes the Amatyakaraka, the profession of the native would be mainly related to careers related to mental works like, that of a Philosopher, Spiritual leader, business person into businesses related to women and liquids. It has also been found that certain Big business Magnates and Bureaucrats also had the Moon as their Amatyakaraka.

Need to mention that Swami Vivekananda, Aurobindo Ghosh and Sai Baba had Moon as the Amatyakaraka. All these were great Spiritual leaders to be precise.

Amatyakaraka Rahu (The North Node):

Rahu as the Amatyakaraka will help the native to take up multiple career roles thanks to his or her good skills in multiple areas. Overseas connections would be strong for them. Natives usually are blessed with out -of- the- box ideas that take them far in life.

Amatyakaraka Mercury: 

Amatyakaraka Mercury indicates professions related to teaching, administration and business. The planet Mercury rules over logical and analytical skills. So, if Mercury happens to be your Amatyakaraka then you are likely to become a Lawyer, Scientist or might enter into Sales and Marketing as Mercury rules over all sorts of communications as well.

Amatyakaraka Venus:

To have Venus as the Amatyakaraka is the best. Venus is a planet that rules over love, material resources. When Venus happens to be the Amatyakaraka then the native would be inclined towards career related to the creative field like Acting, Singing, designing, fashion and the like. Great politicians also seem to have Venus as the Amatyakaraka.

Indian leaders like Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi had Venus as their Amatyakaraka.

Amatyakaraka Mars:

When we see Amatyakaraka Mars in a birth chart, it means that the individual would be full of power and energy. Natives are found to be involved in the Army, Police, Engineering and Investigating professions like Detective.

Amatyakaraka Jupiter:

Jupiter or Guru is the planet that rules over material abundance, knowledge and spirituality. When Jupiter is the Amatyakaraka then the natives would be into professions related to Banking, Teaching and Religious positions.

Amatyakaraka Saturn:

Saturn is known for its restrictive and disciplining nature. It rules over hard work, commitment and routines. So having Amatyakaraka Saturn would bless the natives with government positions, social works, department of law and justice. Mass leadership is also indicated when Saturn is the Amatyakaraka.

Did you know that Lord Krishna had Saturn as his Amatyakaraka.

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