Ascendant- Role

Horoscope Judgement

If Aries is the Ascendant and Mars is in Capricorn, well placed, this may not produce a strong Aries type if the Moon is located with Saturn and Rahu in Virgo. These Virgo planets will stifle the Aries energy. Weak health may affect the career gains indicated by an exalted Mars in the tenth as the Ascendant lord.

For this reason, it is best to balance the nature of a sign by the planetary influences upon it. The latter do have the power to overcome or modify the former. This does not mean that we take the character of the signs lightly, but that their capacity to project energy does not have the same unchangeable nature as their determination as to what field the energy manifests in does.

This rule has some very basic practical applications. For example, the physical constitution tends to follow the planets most strongly aspecting the Ascendant or most strongly placed relative to it. Libra rising may not be an air type but a fire type if Mars and the Sun are strong, say in Aries in the seventh. Yet Libra will still determine the field of material manifestation and give social, group or intellectual contacts typical of an air sign. So whatever planets aspect a sign, it still does not lose its nature as determining a specific field of manifestation.

  • Generally, the Ascendant determines the field of material manifestation, the field of the physical body, but not necessarily the quality of its energy.
  • The Moon sign determines the field of social manifestation, the field of the astral body (mind and emotion, basically memory). Yet the influences on the Moon and the Moon sign should also be considered to determine mental and emotional temperament.
  • The Sun sign determines the field of individual manifestation, the private or inner level, the field of the causal body (will and intelligence, ego and self). Yet the influences on the Sun and the Sun sign will have to be considered also to determine more the level of development of the soul.

Ascendant Role

The indications of the other planets should be considered in the same light. Therefore, we must always discriminate between fields and forces. Planets are usually stronger than signs that are their projections. Yet the fields the signs represent are not canceled by the planets aspecting them.