Kanni Rasi

Sign No : 6

Type : Earth

Lord : Mercury

English Name : Virgo

Sanskrit Name : Kanni

Meaning of Sanskrit Name : The Virgin


They are very practical people. They are chaste, pure and refined. Sociable and friendly in nature, they show up occasional shyness also. Well informed and scholarly personality. Later part of the life will be peaceful.

They show interest in the occult and ancient sciences. The persons of this Rasi will have strong sense of justice. With regard to health, intestine,

alimentary canal and liver pose certain problems. Good Dasas are Saturn, Venus and Ketu. Bad Dasas are Jupiter, Moon, Mars and Rahu.

kanni Rasi Palan

Tooth and stomach are the weak parts of the body. Dasas of Sun, Mars and Rahu are good and those of Mercury, Venus and Ketu are bad.

Temple For Rasis

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