Vishakha - Truimph ArchVishakha - Truimph Arch

Vishakha is ruled by Indra and Agni, who represents the powers of heat and lightning in the atmosphere.This is the "Star of Purpose". This is the 16th nakshatra of the zodiac, spanning from 20°-00' in Tula to 3°-20' in Vrishchika. Another name of this star is Radha, a compliment to Anuradha, the birth star of the Sun. It has the Symbol of a leaf-decked triumphal gate.Vishakha does not

give immediate results but perhaps greater long term gains. Indra and Agni here are related to agriculture showing the ripening effect of heat, rain and seasonal changes.

A person born in this Nakshatra is religious minded having inclination towards performing rites and rituals etc., is of unstable nature and unfriendly.Vishakha born have a well-proportioned body, but they tend to be obese and put on weight with the passing of age. Vishakha people can be envious or covetous of the success of others. They may lack a strong social network of friends and feel isolated and alone against the world. Bitterness and resentment may result.

Vishakha Characteristics

Those born under this nakshatra are likely to have a very happy marital life and will make good marriage partners. A man born under this star works at various things but hardly concentrates on any one of them.They are an excellent communicator, and they write and speak well.

Females born in this nakshatra are beautiful and religious in nature. They need to have a well balanced diet and should exercise regularly to keep them fit.They will have a sweet tongue and quiet diplomatic in their choice of words.They are dreamers, liking astrology, administrators, brave, strong and of charitable nature.

Celebrities born in Visakha Nakshatra

Napoleon Bonaparte, Clint Eastwood, Margaret Thatcher, Buddha, Jimmy Carter, Alexander the Great, Demi Moore.

Visakha Nakshatra-Career Pursuits

Researchers, scientists, Military leaders, Writers, public speakers, Politicians, lawyers.

Visakha Nakshatra - health points

Those born under this nakshatra could suffer from ailments like paralysis, kidney and bladder trouble, hormone deficiencies, problems related to the Breasts,Arms,Reproductive organs and the Stomach.