Abhijit Nakshta is not a regular star like the other 27 stars of Indian Astrology. It is said to be an invisible star.

Mythology behind the star

It is said that the luminary Moon has 27 wives. They are said to be the daughters of Dakhsa Prajapathi and his wife Panchajani also called as Virani.

These sisters had only one brother by the name of Abhijit.

Abhijit means “Victorious” or “the one who cannot be defeated”. Krishna was said to be born in Abhijit nakshatra. Because there is confusion regarding the birth of Lord Ram, some say that he too was born in Abhijit nakshatra. Others interpret it to be abhijit muhurat.

Ancient Indian Vedic texts mention Abhijit as one of the most auspicious time for doing any auspicious activity. Its deity is Lord Brahma. The time that is 28 minutes before and 28 minutes after 12:00 clock (a.m. and p.m. both) is called as Abhijit Muhurta.

Abhijit Nakshatra begins from the last quarter of Uttarashada Nakshatra and ends at the first 1/15th segment of Shravana Nakshtra . Abhijit is the Sanskrit name for Vega, the brightest star in the northern constellation of Lyra.

Abhijit is a span of 4 deg 13 mins 20 seconds in the sign of Capricorn starting from 6deg 40mins to 10 deg 53 mins 20 seconds as per western astrology terms. It isn’t a nakshatra at all , but rather a division within the Capricorn sign that spans from the last quarter of Uttara Ashadha to beginning of Shravana.

Abhijit is considered only in cases of muhurat and mundane astrology. Abhijit is not a part of natal astrology. In muhurat, Abhijit is considered to be a very auspicious nakshatra with the capability of cancelling most malefic influences present at the time.

Qualities of Abhijit Nakshtra

• The Horsehead is used to represent Abhijit Nakshatra.

• People coming under this nakshatra are very sharp, influential, and have a magnanimous personality.

• The Lucky letters of this Nakshatra are J & K.

• The Nakshatra Number is 28 and the color is Brownish Yellow.

• Gana associated with this nakshatra is Deva.

• The Ruling Deity of this Nakshatra is Lord Brahma.

• The Bird representing this Nakshatra is the Swan

Abhijit Nakshatra characteristics for Males

Male natives born under Abhijit Nakshatra are found to be very intelligent and honest in nature. They are headstrong and tackle problems head-on. They are good in whatever profession they are pursue. Particularly this Nakshatra favors research-based works. Males born with this nakshatra are blessed with a happy marriage and good progeny. Some guys are prone to health issues like piles and jaundice through the course of their life.

Abhijit Nakshatra characteristics for Females

Females born in Abhijit Nakshatra are good in nature and are found to be very skillful. They stand for justice and cannot be wooed by money or power influence. Female natives with this nakshatra would be very intelligent, multi-talented and attain great name and fame in their lifetime. Some females are found to be not much interested in conjugal life that they lead a celibate life. In their young age they are prone to health issues related to the skin and arthritis. As they grow older these health issues wane off.