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Sravana/Thiruvonam is ruled by Vishnu, the pervador. This is the star of listening, also called the "Star of Learning". The mercurial planet Moon owns this nakshatra. This Constellation spans from 10°-00' to 23°-20' in Makara, owned by the planet Saturn. Sravana usually means "hearing". The symbol of Sravana is three foot-prints. It is the birth star of Saraswati. Sravana enables to link

people together by connecting them to their appropriate paths in life. A person born in this Nakshatra is well versed in the sacred texts and scriptures, has many sons and friends, and destroys his enemies. These people like to mingle with others and have a large network of friends.

Sravana Characteristics

Sravana born people are ready to help others, they seldom gain the respect and faith of those whom they help. Those who born under this nakshatra will be financially successful and lead a materially comfortable life.

A male born in this nakshatra will be of medium height and a slender body. Females born in this nakshatra tend to be too much talkative and they have some rigid ideas about their husbands and they are not ready to compromise when it comes to the qualities of their husband.

Those born under this nakshatra could suffer from ailments like eczema and skin diseases, T.B., rheumatism etc. They are brave, administrators, adaptable, tactful, wealthy, have evil company and are slow in their deeds.