Uttarashadha- elephant tuskUttarashadha - elephant tusk

Uttarashadha/ Uttaradi is ruled by the Universal Gods (Vishwe Deva). It is also known as the "Universal Star".This nakshatra spans from 26°-40' in Dhanus to 10°-00' in Makara. Uttarashadha is introspective and penetrative and is concerned with intensiveness, the results of the latter being more permanent than the former. Uttaraashadha is the second part of the Nakshatra Sagittarius.

Uttarashadha brings us to the summit of our power, support and recognition, not so much through our personal efforts but with the appropriate alliances and support of all the Gods. Uttarashadha born can be driven like a workaholic, extremely persistent when excited, but if they loose interest they become lazy, introspective, and not finish what they started.

Uttarashadha Characteristics

A strongly placed moon in the natal chart of some Uttarashadha born can give them a fair complexion. The people born under this nakshatra do not trust others easily and it is only after spending considerable times with them that others can get an entry into the inner circle of their friends.

The males born in this nakshatra are good mediators in any dispute. A good Mercury placed in their natal chart con make them a good consultant or advisor in any field. They are usually preachers, respected, noble, basting, of wavering mind and often short tempered.