The sunrise is defined as time of first appearance of the upper limb of the sun. The sunset is the moment of disappearance of the upper limb. For astrological calculation this sunrise cannot be used. For religious and astrology purposes the time when the middle of the sun's disk rises above eastern horizon is used. All festival determinations are done based on when

middle of the Sun's disk becomes visible at eastern horizon.

Next Day Sunrise/Sunset
Next Day Sunrise/Sunset

But the above ignores refraction. Due to refraction Sun becomes visible even when it is below eastern horizon. Hindu Sunrise = Astronomical Sunrise + Time taken by Sun to rise half of its diameter+ Time taken by Sun to rise further to neutralize refraction effect.

The actual time when Sun rises in the morning is 'Sunrise time' and the actual time when Sun sets in the evening is 'Sunset time'. In Panchang, Sunrise and sunset timings are very significant for calculating the important times of the day.

With Sun rise the day begins. It is believed that initiating work or activating with begin of day is very blessed and fresh. At the beginning of the day with sunrise, and at the beginning of evening with sunset, Aarti, pooja is offered to delight God in India. If you also offer your worship during these timings you will be blessed with happiness and peace in life.

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Questions To Ponder

1. How do you calculate sunrise time?

sunrise = 720 – 4*(longitude + ha) – eqtime where longitude and hour angle are in degrees and the equation of time is in minutes.

2. What is the purpose of knowing the sunrise and sunset times?

Start your day before the sunrise and accomplish your day before the sunset. Take control of your day and do great things.

3. Is Sunrise and Sunset timings important in astrology?

In Hindu astrology, the calculation of Sunrise and Sunset timings is given great importance as it is needed in various aspects of astrology, such as calculating the rashifal, Rahu kalam timings and many other aspects that the astrologers heavily regard.

4. Why is sunrise time commonly used in astrological analysis?

Sun rises in the east, and the morning sun's rays are beneficial as they bring positive energy.