Indian Astrology - Yamaganda Kalam

Yamaganda is the son of Guru or the planet in Jupiter according to Indian astrology.

This is also an inauspicious time like Rahu Kalam. Yamagandam is also termed as Death Time.

It is said that any activity commenced during this time results in the death or failure of the activity.

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Hence you are advised to find the Yamagandam for any day and plan your money, travel or career related moves accordingly this sparing losses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Yama Kandam?

Yamakandam means destructive time, it indicates the time of death.

2. Is it a good time?

No auspicious activities are performed during the time. It is believed that anything done during this time would end in failure.

3. What can be done during this time?

The last rites or cremation rituals are carried out during this time, signifying the end of a life cycle, hoping that the Atma attains moksha.

4. What should not we do during Yama Kandam time?

Avoid starting important business, investment or travel related activities.

5. What is Yama gandam in astrology?

According to Vedic Astrology, Yamaganda was the son of Guru or the planet Jupiter. It is widely accepted that any activity commenced during this period results in failure or death.