Indian Astrology - RAHU KALAM

Rahu is a planet which is considered in Indian astrology and is said to be the head of the Dragon. Every day is divided into 8 segments of time , each ruled by a particular planet.

Rahu Kalam or Rahu Kaala is the time ruled by Rahu. This time is considered to be very inauspicious or unlucky. Every day this Rahu kaalam lasts for around 90

minutes, but the duration differs according to the length of the time between sunrise to sunset for any location.

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Any activity or journey started during this Rahu Kalam is bound to meet a good degree of failure or delays and hindrances. The remedy is to avoid commencing your activity for this period and starting it well before or after the Rahu Kalam.

Knowing the Rahu Kalam for any day is very much helpful in planning the events for the day or the days to come, thus avoiding untold miseries in life.

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