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Findyourfate  .  18 May 2024  .  12 mins read   .   5160

Your birth month indicates your Sun sign or Zodiac sign which in turn carries your characteristic traits. It offers certain insights into your marital or love life and signifies compatibility with partner as well. Data has it that people tend to get married to individuals who are very close to their date of birth or zodiac sign. It is quite interesting to note that generally people marry someone whose birth month is within four months from their month of birth.

After analysing hundreds of marriages, researchers have found out that the month of birth is a deciding factor while choosing a partner for life. While birth month plays a great one in the compatibility with partner, there are various other aspects that decide the success of any relationship.

Here are some significant insights into how your birth month affects your choice of partner. This is based upon astrological studies and the results might vary if individuals choose to make a detour.

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