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In astrology we believe that our date of birth and in turn our zodiac sign holds the key to our future. Similarly, the day you get married says a lot about the future of your marriage. Marriage is something that evolves with time, where two entirely different personalities confluence together. Hence it makes sense that your wedding day has an astrological significance much like your birth day.

When it comes to marriage, all we think about is the grand entry, the wedding dress, the dinner, music and a lot more. But that time of the year when you get married means a lot for the future of your marriage. If you are already married and is celebrating wedding anniversaries, do check out how your marriage would be doing in future. If you are planning to tie the knot, then this article would help you to settle down with a comfortable date for you.

No matter which zodiac season you prefer to get married, do note that total commitment and honesty would be the key to survival in a marriage. As much as your personality is influenced by your zodiac sign, your wedding season holds the key characteristics of the particular zodiac. Each zodiac season has its own strengths and weaknesses much like the sun sign it represents. Happy marriages are made when the strengths of the zodiac season is more focused on.

It is just that the meaning of your wedding day would add up to your personalities and in turn would change the scenario for your family life. Find out which season you are married and what it says about your marriage.

Aries Marriage

Wedding Date: March 21 - April 19

If your marriage is during the Aries season, then your marriage would be one of a bold and adventurous type. Despite the relationship, both of you would maintain your individuality. There would be many spontaneous events and surprises in your marriage. However, natives are advised not to compete with each other as this might mar the marriage prospects.

Getting married around the Aries season means that much passion and energy levels would be involved. Together you would try out new things and that includes the bedroom moves as well. There would be lots of determination involved. Though there would be periodic rifts and fights of sorts, at the end of the day you both would make it up. You do not hold grudges for long and that is one of the plus points of an Aries marriage.

Taurus Marriage

Wedding Date: April 20 - May 20

Much like the Taurus sign, you and your spouse would enjoy the good things in life. There would be no dearth for luxury in this marriage. Both natives involved in the marriage would stay grounded. If your wedding happens during the Taurus season, then you would make the most down-to-earth couple. There would not be much relationship problems in this marriage. However, natives are likely to stay stubborn in the relationship at times. This marriage would be built on strong foundation and would be one the strongest one ever found. The couple would display much commitment and affection. Together the couple would take steps together and try to solve problems without leaving things to the flow.

Gemini Marriage

Wedding Date: May 21 - June 20

For those who get married during the Gemini season, their marriage would be all of talks, there would be constant conversations between the duo. There would be a desire for variety and together the couple are likely to indulge in activities tighter. However, they ought not become scatter brains. They need to prioritize their time together. Those who get married during the Gemini season make good friends and lovers. This would be a very lasting relationship. Marriages sealed during this season would be dreamy and full of excitement and surprises. There would not be a dull moment in a Gemini marriage for sure.

Cancer Marriage

Wedding Date: June 21 - July 22

Does your marriage date fall under the Cancer season? Then home is where your heart would be always. There would be no dearth for mutual pampering. But then do not always be home bodies, get out and be social as well. If you got married during the Cancer season, then your wedding must have been most probably an arranged one that was done traditionally. But then that does not mean that it would be boring. The couple would depend on each other for constant motivation and inspiration. Though Cancer marriages are always said to make the natives very sentimental and emotional, it would be just good enough for the long run ahead. Natives are asked not be much hard on themselves when they cannot contribute to the marriage whole heartedly. This is a marriage where lot of sharing and caring take place.

Leo Marriage

Wedding Date: July 23 - August 22

The zodiac sign of Leo is all about passion and drama that marriages that take place during the Leo season would be filled with regal and royal splendor. The couple would have some strong opinions in life, however much romance and passion would be involved. There would be occasional power struggles as well. Not all marriages sealed during the Leo season succeed. But with commitment, the couple can lead a life of togetherness where there would be constant romance and flirting. There would be no dearth for drama in a Leo season marriage. You would be too loud, but honest as well in the relationship. It would not be a perfect one, but somehow it would survive the test of time.

Virgo Marriage

Wedding Date: August 23 - September 22

Did you tie the knot when the Sun was through the Virgo zodiac? Then you as a couple would pay attention to little details much like the Virgo character. Helping each other comes naturally to you both. However, at times, both of you might lose the bigger picture, concentrating on the nitty gritty of things. But it is said that marriages made during the Virgo season are one of the strongest of all. There would be a healthy connection, in a literal sense as well. Getting married during this season makes the couple more of friends. This would be a happy and healthy marriage.

Libra Marriage

Wedding Date: September 23 - October 22

The zodiac sign of Libra is all about balance and choosing a wedding date during the Libra season would bring about a balanced approach to the relationship. In fact, data has it that the most number of marriages across the globe take place during this season. Relationship would be a priority in this marriage, but sometimes individuality might get lost. This would be one of the perfect marriage combination where not much effort would be needed. There would always be romance and passion . The couple seem to be much reserved and introverted to the outside world though. A sense of warmth can be expected in a Libra marriage.

Scorpio Marriage

Wedding Date: October 23 - November 21

If your wedding happened during the Scorpios season, then it would be one of passion and intense energy. The romance would be kept alive for years to come. However, there is the threat of jealousy that might creep into the relationship. Also, natives in a Scorpio marriage should stay away from hurting their partners emotionally. Else there might be a power struggle. This is said to be one of the most electrifying of all the marriages. Couples in a Scorpio marriage generally are faithful to the end. It would be a marriage of extremes, either there would be intense passion or would be a totally hateful relationship. There would be myriad surprises as well in a Scorpio marriage.

Sagittarius Marriage

Wedding Date: November 22 - December 21

Weddings that take place during the Sagittarius season would involve couple who are adventurous and who like to travel a lot. They would be open-minded and would love to take risks in life and relationships. This is one of least boring of all the zodiac marriages. There would be no scarcity for adventure, fun and frolic. Though there would be occasional hiccups in the marriage, it would stand the test of time. A Sagittarius wedding means that the natives would be good friends for life. They would fight, argue and disagree but at the end would patch up together. The couple are least bothered about what the outside world thinks about them.

Capricorn Marriage

Wedding Date: December 22 - January 19 

The Capricorn season, is yet another time when most marriages are solemnised across the globe, because it is more of a holiday season. Most Capricorn weddings are very traditional and conventional. Though the couple tend to enjoy their family legacy, they should enjoy the present and plan for the future as well without lingering over the past. Most Capricorn marriages are found to be successful. The couple would invest on the happiness of their partner. There would be hard work and determination to make the marriage work despite some tough times around. Couples seem to be introverted on the outside, but they freak out in bed. Their sex life would be great and they surprise each other constantly.

Aquarius Marriage

Wedding Date: January 20 - February 18

Much like the Aquarius characteristics, Aquarius marriages would be modern and unconventional. Couple would be very social and friendly. However, they are asked to make time for each other apart from their social commitments. Couples who get married during the Aquarius season hardly follow any rules. They do not let any third person get in the way of their marriage. Maintaining a health and friendly atmosphere for the partner would be the main task in this marriage. Natives yearn to make their marriages different from the conventional ones. Their approach towards family, marriage and sex would be totally different from the opinions of others who get married during the other zodiac seasons.

Pisces Marriage

Wedding Date: February 19 - March 20

Pisces marriages are always very dreamy and fantasy - driven. There would be much romances and passion involved, however most of the time the couple would lose the reality of life. Your creative endeavors sometimes over-ride your passion for others. Pisces marriages seem to be much like a movie-marriage. The couple would be true mates for life, there would be much love, warmth and honesty involved. There would be romance in their every little moves. Together the couple would be always curious to learn more. There would be sensitiveness around marring things at times. Couple should understand that they would be treated much like how they would treat their partner.

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