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2024 is predicted to be a time of much luck in the love life and career of Virgos. There would be no dearth for happiness and joy, a contented mindset is promised for the Virgins through the year. The year is dotted with some major planet-based events just in your sign. Add to this the other planetary influences scattered around the zodiac sky that you are in for a roller coaster ride. Here’s what’s in store for you.

Mercury, the ruler of Virgo would have been retrograding from mid-December 2023 and even as the year 2024 starts, it would turn direct on Tuesday, January 02. Mercury changing its motion to direct is a potent phenomenon to behold, particularly for the Virgos. Mercury had been away from its orbit for about 3 weeks time and now as it turns back to its orbit, it is ready for yet another zoom through the zodiac sky. Then on Saturday, February 24 there would be a Full Moon in your sign of Virgo. This full Moon in Virgo would provide us with an opportunity to detoxify ourselves of unwanted thoughts. It helps you to feel good enough in everything around. And after about a months’ time, there would be a Lunar Eclipse in your 2nd house of Libra. This Lunar Eclipse in the 2 nd house would give you a nudge to make some financial changes in your life. Now would be the time to care of your needs and at the same time accommodating the needs of others as well.

The first full phase of Mercury retrograde starts on Monday, April 01 in the sign of Aries and ends on Thursday, April 25. Since Virgo is ruled by Mercury, they would be under stress when it goes retrograde. This is a time when they would just evolve and get a new perspective of life. In a week’s time following the Mercury retrograde, there would be a total solar eclipse on Monday, April 08 in your 8th house of Aries. The 8th house rules over our money, debts and joint finances. With a Solar eclipse here, you would have to deal some of the above that might be going hay-wire. After a lull of about three months when there are not much note-worthy planet events in your sign, your ruler namely Mercury would be entering your sign on Thursday, July 25. As Mercury, the planet that rules our ideas and how to process information enters your sign, it signals the start of a great time of productivity for just about everyone.

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And then there is the second phase of Mercury going retrograde that starts on Monday , August 05 in the sign of Virgo and ends on Wednesday, August 28 in the sign of Leo. Again this is a period when we ought to deal with our routine works with ease and not to venture into starting anything afresh for the period. As Mercury goes retrograde in Virgo, Venus, the planet of love and pleasure would be entering your sign as well on Monday, August 05. As Venus, the planet of love enters your earthy sign of Virgo, love takes a sensible turn. This is a time that gives us opportunities to work on our relationships. Then on Thursday, August 22 the Sun enters the sign of Virgo marking the start of the Virgo season which is also the season of harvest. For Virgos, the Sun is their 12th Lord. This might cause some financial and health issues for the Virgos during the transit period of about a months’ time.

And we would have a New Moon on Tuesday, September 03 in the sign of Virgo. This New Moon in Virgo asks us to get organized and set in order our life. This is a time that helps us to better focus on our dreams and aspirations in life. In a couple of weeks’ time on Wednesday, September 18 there would be a Lunar eclipse in the sign of Pisces, and that would be your 7th house. This might meddle with your relationships around the eclipse period. Followed by the Lunar Eclipse, there would be a Solar eclipse in your 2 nd house of Libra on Wednesday, October 02. Your 2 nd house is all about finances and family relationships, look out for some major happenings in this area for the time. And the final phase of Mercury retrograde for the year 2024 starts on Tuesday, November 26 and ends on Sunday, December 15 in the sign of Sagittarius. Expect some delays and hindrances in your domestic pursuits for the retrograde period with Sagittarius being your 4th house.

What we got here for the Virgins:

• Important Events for Virgo in 2024

• General Forecast

• Health Predictions

• Education and Career Prospects

• Love and Family Relationships

• Financial Overview

Important Events for Virgo in 2024

• Tuesday, January 02- Retrograde Mercury goes direct

• Saturday, February 24- Full Moon in Virgo

• Monday, March 25- Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Libra (2nd house)

• Monday, April 01- Mercury starts Retrograde in Aries

• Monday, April 8- Total Solar Eclipse in Aries ( 8th house)

• Thursday, April 25- Mercury ends Retrograde

• Thursday, July 25- Mercury Enters Virgo

• Monday, August 5- Venus enters Virgo

• Monday, August 5- Mercury starts Retrograde in Virgo

• Wednesday, August 28- Mercury ends Retrograde in Leo( 12th house)

• Thursday, August 22- Sun enters Virgo

• Tuesday, September 03- New Moon in Virgo

• Wednesday, September 18- Partial Lunar Eclipse in Pisces (7th House )

• Wednesday, October 2- Annular Solar Eclipse in Libra (2nd house)

• Tuesday, November 26- Mercury starts Retrograde in Sagittarius (4th house)

• Sunday, December 15- Mercury ends Retrograde in Sagittarius (4th house)

General Forecast

Virgo is the 6th sign in the zodiac line-up, it is an earthy sign and natives always thrive for perfection in whatever they do and they are very analytical and critical in nature. This year, Saturn would be placed in the 7th house of Pisces for Virgo natives and this would beneficial for the natives. However much hard work and commitment would be needed on your part for major development in your life. Saturn being a disciplinarian would bring several ups and downs in your career path this year. You would be resorted to maximum labour but with minimum wages. There would not be much job satisfaction, some of you might be relocated. Those pursuing business stand to prosper this year, however they ought to be cautious of their financial moves. This year, Virgos would be growing spiritually. There would be stability and a sense of optimism around. Finally this year, you would be able to bring the broken pieces of different aspects of your life together. Your talents would come to the fore and your skill sets would earn you high repute in professional circles through the year. Always prioritize relationships above work, this would give you goodness in life. The second half of the year poses great developments in the field of education, social and love for Virgos. Patience would be the key to the success of your relationships. Let not your emotions come in the way of your forward journey. In general this would be a year of challenges teaching you some life lessons the hard way. Keep going, do not look back, follow the path you have chosen.

2024 would see Virgos more optimistic and spiritually oriented.

Virgo men would have a wholesome year ahead. Major changes are coming their way. They have lots of travel owing to pleasure and business on the anvil. They would be excelling in their services or business through the year. Enjoy the good things that life has to offer for the year ahead.

Virgo women would find 2024 to be a great year of blessing. Particularly the first half of the year promises them with good tidings. They would be able to meet all of their professional and personal goals in life. However they are advised to take good care of their physical and mental health for the period.

Luck and fortune being predicted for the year, you are advised to take good advantage of the positive energy around. Be confident, do not be critical of yourself nor of others. Have faith in yourself and let your dreams become reality.

Health Predictions

Year 2024 would bless you with good health and there would not be any major concerns for Virgos, however they ought to be quite cautious. You would be full of energy that would take you places. Just follow good physical regimen, a well balanced dietary plan and take periodic medical intervention when the situation warrants the same. Mid-year would give some mental health issues. Keep positive energy around and stay optimistic. Follow good spiritual practices and meditate if possible.

No major health concerns are in store for Virgos this year.

Through 2024, there would be occasional minor health concerns that come and go, there would be no major impacts on life though. Health of family members of Virgos would need medical assistance these days. Related expenditure burns your purse. Mid-year would see you fit as a fiddle. Then for the second half of the year, there would be periodic fatigue due to stress and strain from your work place. Pay close attention to your health and keep a tab on your weight as well. Chronic Virgo patients should be very careful this year.

Education and Career Prospects

In 2024, Virgo students would fare well in their studies. Particularly those into research works need to put in lots of effort to stay on the top. Those pursuing studies in medicine and technology areas would find the year favoring their pursuits. And hard work on your part would not go waste. Dedication, devotion and commitment to studies would help you achieve your goals. With the good guidance of elders and teachers, Virgo students would be able to perform well this year than the previous academic years.

Year 2024 would bring many opportunities for the career growth of Virgo folks. All your hard work and consistent performance of yester years would pay off well now. Especially those into research and technology areas would be able to prove their mettle this year. Virgos are advised to stay low and do not take success to their heads. Do contribute to the growth of your colleagues as well during the year. Make sure that you always maintain a perfect balance between work and play through the year.

There would be ample opportunities for professional growth in 2024.

Virgos into business need to be cautious as there are some risks involved in their ventures for now. Beware of financial implications, frauds and joining joint ventures. Occasional travel owing to career growth is on the cards through the year. You would turn out to be more successful during the second part of 2024 if you take your work serious and stay committed. There might be occasional disappointments, incompatibility with peers and authorities and the like which might mar your career prospects. Make sure that you have just the right buddies who help you to come up in your professional space. Any sort of negative energy around would do you more harm in career this year, hence steer clear of it.

Love and Family Relationships

The family prospects of Virgo natives would be of mixed fortune for 2024. Though the first and the last quarter favour goodness in your domestic front, the second and the third quarters would pose problems for you. There would be some relationship issues at home. Health of family members might get affected and the finances at home would be a cause for concern as it starts to dwindle with the progress of the year. But then natives would get the good support of their partner during the period. Children at home would bring joy. With Jupiter transiting through your 9th house of Taurus till May, children would bring happiness. You would be blessed to have some quality time with family and friends. Auspicious events at home would also bring joy. However Virgo natives are advised to refrain from overdoing in their familial commitments as they are most likely to get utilized this year. Make sure that you stay assertive and your voice is heard.

The love and marriage life of Virgos would be fairly better this year. Saturn placed in their 7th house of Pisces all this year might bring occasional trouble in this sector. But then Venus makes sure that you are well loved and you reciprocate the same. Your love life and marriage would ask for constant effort and commitment on your part. With the help of the stars you would be able to bring about a good balance between emotions and romance. Some Virgos would be making major life-altering life decisions with regard to their love or marriage through the year.

Saturn might bring occasional relationship issues to the fore for Virgo this period.

New contacts and connections are made and you would be able to meet just the right kind of partner these days. Though it is not generally easy for a Virgo to fall in love, this year you would be carried away. If you think that you have met the right person just say yes, else keep going. This would be one of the best periods to show your true feelings and concern to your partner or spouse. Virgos are in for a good start or a good ending in their love pursuits in 2024. Family and friends would be a source of communication for the singles to pitch in a loyal partner. Most Virgos are likely to settle in an arranged marriage or family-approved relationship this year and it is sure to work.

Financial Overview

This year would be a financially stable period for Virgo people. The inflow of funds start to gain strength as the year proceeds, despite you might have lived a frugal lifestyle for the past year or so. Be cautious of your financial spending, occasional indulgences wont spoil your finances. Plan for high value investments like real estate or gold when there is some finances coming your way. All this year, the planets are in favor of your finances growing up. Money is likely to come in from various sources, Virgos are in for a downpour as the year progresses in terms of their finances. Paternal or maternal connections bring you funds by way of inheritance or legacy. Virgos are promises much wealth accumulation and prosperity for the period. Your career or business prospers improving your financial standing. Virgos are advised not to be complacent and to keep working hard, investing heavily for future rainy days.

You would grow financially all through the year.

In 2024, some Virgos would be able to buy their dream vehicle or home and it would be a blessing for you and your family. You would be able to spend some good money with this buying. Buying of real estate, gold and bonds are also favorable for the period. A good time to sell your assets if you are looking to do it. However refrain from major buying till around the last quarter of the year.

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