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Findyourfate  .  20 Dec 2022  .  5 mins read   .   1331

Have you ever noticed the numbers next to the zodiac placements in your birth chart,  these are called as degrees. The 22nd degree found in astrology charts  is sometimes referred to as the “to kill or be killed degree”.  This doesn’t imply the literal death.  However this 22nd degree always had a creepy assent to it. 

If you have a planet in the 22nd degree in the natal chart, then read on. Those who have this degree found in the natal charts would have escaped death in some way or the other. The 22nd degree in astrology always had a terrible negative reputation. We ought not to be worried too much when it comes to this degree. This degree had unique value for some natives and is still powerful for some. Those who have a 22nd degree in their chart can continually re-imagine who they are.

What the 22nd degree means through the houses: 

1st house= early environment stands to get affected.

2nd house= earning ability interference

3rd house= short journeys and communication issues

4th house= end of life

5th house= children pose problems

6th house= health issues

7th house= partnership troubles

8th house= death by violent means

9th house= long trips on the cards

10th house= status or reputation stands affected.

11th house= dreams & wishes manipulated

12th house= self undoing 

The energy of the signs at the 22nd degree. 


If you happen to have a placement at 22 degrees of Aries in your birth chart, then you would be  a refined personality with an impressionable record. However, you would lack will power and decision-making would be tough for you. You find it hard to break free from abusive relationships. But then you have special powers that protect you from doom.


When the 22nd degree is found in the house of Taurus, then it indicates a downfall of fortunes for the native from the pinnacle. It would bring dishonor and disgrace for the person. Losses abound when the native has not considered his weaknesses. This degree in Taurus also indicates accidents and falls in the societal and moral areas.


The 22nd degree placement in the sign of Gemini shows a secretive yet subtle nature in the person. The career path would be a roller-coaster ride and people you once relied on in life would now turn their back on you. Particularly beware of false friends around.  And the natives might need to fight a constant battle against injustices done to them.


Natives would be carefree and lazy bones when this 22nd degree is seen in the sign of Cancer in the natal chart. But then luck would be on their side and there would be dearth for funds and happiness all through their life. Natives are advised to put in some commitment to stay afloat though.

LEO AT 22°

When the sign of Leo has the 22nd degree placement, the natives would be bestowed with much intellect and fair plays. They would be knowledgeable in a wide variety of disciplines. They are good in academics and shine in mentoring areas. Some natives with this degree placement are found to have prophetic qualities.


If you see 22 degrees in the sign of Virgo in your chart then you ought to be a humble personality who loves adventure. You like new experiences and might travel to foreign lands. You do not like to showcase your talents and they spring up in bits of surprises at rare events. This degree is mostly found in the charts of teachers and authors who are blessed with the gift of the gab.


Got a 22nd degree placement in the sign of Libra, then you are a person of great intellect, is gentle, sincere and has an aptitude for arts and the sciences. You have a special inkling towards research. With this degree in Libra, though you might come from a humble origin, you might land up in great honorable positions in life.


You would be a stubborn yet hard working personality when this 22nd degree is found the sign of Scorpio in your chart. You have much self-confidence that you might end up in losses as well, as you always bark up the wrong tree. If you get the good advises of elders and people of experience then you could sure shine in life.


Conceited personalities are bound to have the 22nd degree in the sign of Sagittarius. Natives are self-centred that they mar relationships, they just do not bother about others and  their needs. This degree brings unhappiness in love and some natives are likely to meet with violent accidents or have fatal heart diseases.


With a 22nd degree in Capricorn, the natives would be very sensual and mentally weak. They have much resources and intellect, but use it all for their selfish needs and cravings. They have false friends life. Natives are bound to have unhappy domestic life and some are likely to end their life out of their own will earlier than anticipated.


Natives who have a 22nd degree placement in the house of Aquarius would be hard working and committed. They excel in team works and despite hindrances would come out successful in life. But they are prone to losses by the elemental natures of fire  or water. They ought to be careful in their ventures and make sure that their foundations are strong enough.


The energy of the 22nd degree in the sign of Pisces would be quite aggressive, obsessive and conflicting nature. Natives usually fall from great fame and there would be no friends to pick them up. They are likely to end up in accidents that has to do with firearms like hunting or terrorist acts. But then the natives would be blessed with good memory power which can be harnessed towards the positive side.

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