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Findyourfate   .   13 Oct 2021   .   3 mins read

If you have been seeing a series of numbers again and again, and it is not a coincidence. It is a sign from your angels, and they are trying to take you to the right path. These numbers can show as the time, road sign, phone number, the size of the file on your computer, and the list goes on!

Your angels will communicate these messages to you when you need their help. It means you are on the right path, don't lose hope, and work on yourself, your guardian angels are always with you. Each number carries different meanings and vibrations, especially when the same number repeating itself again and again.

Number 666 meaning from numerology

According to numerology number 666 gives you a message to stop doubting yourself.

It highlights your creativity as well as your capacity to achieve your goals. Don't doubt yourself, your guardian angels are with you and you can achieve your goals. Your angels call you to forget about your doubts and focus on your worth. 


It means your angels choose you to communicate, and they want to support you to reveal your life purpose and destiny. It will lead you to positive outcomes and will enlighten your spiritual path. They know all about your destinies and they want to guide you to ultimate greatness and success. Number 666 is a sign of encouragement when you begin to lose faith in yourself. It inspires you to monitor your thoughts.

3 meanings behind number 666  

1.     Angels are asking you to let go of fears

The reason why you keep seeing number 666, again and again, is that your angels want to put you in the right direction. There are several reasons why this is happening to you like attachment to something unhealthy, toxic relationship, and so on.

Your angels want to tell you that it is time to let this addiction go. Sure, it is not easy but everything takes time. So, be patient with yourself and work on making your life healthy. Chose the right pace for you, and continuously work on this.

With time, positive things will start happening. It includes meeting with new people and making meaningful connections. It will provide you the courage to choose the right direction. Your destiny is in your hand, so choose wisely and carefully where you want to see yourself after few years. Your angels want to guide you to receive higher vibrations that are free from negativity.

2.     Align your thoughts with divine

You need to grow mentally, physically, and spiritually to complete your higher goals. Each action that you take in your life has a permanent effect on other people's lives. It means if you take the right actions, you already positively impact people around you.

The reason why you keep seeing number 666 is that you forget that there is the power that is always with you, so you need to find the inner balance to align yourself. First, your thoughts become your words and then your reality. So, if you set your thoughts positively, good things automatically start to happen in your life. your thoughts will never become your reality without words.

This number wants to tell you that, if you want to create a better world, first you need to work on yourself.

3.     Allow yourself to dream big

If you keep seeing the number 666, it means that you are too focused on this world. This is a reminder from your angels that you can be more than you already are. You are a spiritual being with infinite possibilities and opportunities.

It tells that you have no limits for your imagination, creativity, and power. Everything begins with a dream, so imagine your perfect future. Right now, you are in the process of discovering your passion and goals, don’t let the mistakes and failure stop you. Use them as a lesson, and keep working on your goals.

There is a reason you were born, so work on yourself and on your skills to transform this world for the better. You are the only one to decide how you will do it. Find your inner voice, it will help you to understand what you have to do to achieve your goals.


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