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Findyourfate   .   19 Jun 2023   .   6 mins read

Happy Solstice Folks !!

Summer Solstice is a day in Summer, most probably on the 21 st of June, during the Cancer season when the Sun is at its highest point in the sky. This makes the day longer than the night. So what does the longest day have in store for you. This is a day when the Sun has justentered the sign of Cancer and hence there would be total energy shift. The energy of this day continues for the next 3 months period after which the Fall season starts. This is the day when the Sun would be in square aspect to the Moon and hence there would be a clash between our emotions and our ego. For the day make sure that you think and talk thus avoiding rifts in relationships.

From the Summer Solstice day, it would be a road down for the Sun till the 21st of December when it reaches the lowest point in the sky marking the Winter Solstice. This is more of an astronomical phenomenon than an astrological one.

The Summer solstice in Astrology
The summer solstice occurs as the Cancer season in astrology starts. This solstice guides us to self-introspect and find ways to evolve with regard to the environment around. This is a day in summer when we are asked to be patient to reap the fruits of the seeds we had sown during the spring season.

Does the Summer Solstice affect us personally?
The Summer Solstice tends to affect the lives of people in the Northern Hemisphere quite emotionally. This is because , after the Solstice day the northern hemisphere slowly tilts itself away from the Sun and the days get to become shorter. This might bring about depression among the inhabitants of those in the northern side of the equator.

Did you know that Summer Solstice is a day of Luck…
The Summer Solstice is an important day of the year which is said to be connected with fertility and abundance in life.

Summer Solstice Superstition
Lore has it that on this day, evil spirits would appear. And to ward off these evil, people worship the Sun God, practice certain rituals to appease the spirits and wear garlands of flowers and herbs and dance around fire.

What to do on the Summer Solstice Day

Set good intentions
The Summer solstice is an important day with much energy. Hence it can be best utilized to set certain important life intentions. Resolve to be patient and honest with your intentions. Receive positive energy that flows to you in order to pursue your intentions.

Express Gratitude
Being grateful and expressing the same would be highly beneficial for this day. Show or pass on your thankfulness to people who come your way. We can also be grateful spiritually and materialistically.

Feel the Sun
The summer solstice is a day when the Sun is at it highest point and the earth is aligned in perfect mode with the Sun. Spend ample time out in the open and embrace the warmth and light of the Sun. It would improve your confidence level and even your Vitamin D levels!!

Summer Solstice Horoscope for the Zodiac signs

What to do for the day: Bring summer vibes into your home
What to focus on: Your roots, loved ones, home, family, security, self-care.
On this day, the Sun would be in Cancer and the Moon would be in your sign and hence your emotions would run hay wire due to this quadrant relationship between the luminaries. Channel the energy around for something productive. Do take care of yourself well for the day, spend the day in some self-care routines.

What to do for the day: Journal your thoughts
What to focus on: Communications, siblings, learning, socializing, outdoor trips.
For the day, you would have just the right energy levels to concentrate on your relationships. Use the day to prune your relationships, let go off of ties that are obsolete for you in the long term. If there is opposition, do not get into such a connection.

What to do for the day: Planting
What to focus on: sources of income, investments, values, material possessions, fund flow and finances.
The Sun has just exited your sign, but the good energy still continues on for you this day. Your ruling planet Mercury would be in sextile relation to the Moon today and hence there would be much positive energy. Use the day to start a project that stands to improve your financial standing.

What to do for the day: Self-care routines
What to focus on: your body, your identity, your style, your higher self.
The Sun has just entered your sign, hence this is a time of happiness. Form new goals and habits that would take you far in life. Feelings and emotions might smother you, be patient a bit around this day.

What to do for the day: Take a Crystal -infused bath
What to focus on: rest, dream, subconscious thoughts, intuition. 
The Summer solstice is in your 12th house, and therefore this would be a day best for introspection. Wait for the Sun to get into your sign if you want action. This would be a good time to re-wind and relax your nerves.

What to do for the day: Host a summer feast
What to focus on: groups, team works, charity, humanitarian work.
With the summer solstice in your 11th house, you would be full of energy that can be best utilized towards networking and starting new projects that would materialize later on when the Sun enters your sign in mid- September.

What to do for the day: Do something that makes you happy
What to focus on: work, career, reputation, leadership, long-term plans.
The solstice Sun activates your 10th house of career. Now would be the best time to set forth your career ambitions. Garner the resources that would help you to venture out in the professional arena.

What to do for the day: Surprise yourself
What to focus on: adventure, travel, higher learning, education, teaching.
The summer solstice sees the sun in your 9 th house emphasizing you to look out for things from a whole new perspective. Get out of your comfort zone and take the road less-travelled.

What to do for the day: Go on an adventure trip
What to focus on: magic, sexuality, transformation, psychic abilities. 
With the sun in your 8th house, this is a good time to enhance your adventurous skills and psychic abilities. Your intimate and sensual relationships need adjustments around this day.

What to do for the day: Any DIY Project
What to focus on: partnerships, diplomacy, legal agreements.
This summer solstice brings the focus on your relationships. You would make new connections, forge new deals and find new friends who share your interests. A good time to look out for a mentor to guide you in life.

What to do for the day: Tea rituals
What to focus on: health, diet, habits, colleagues, work environment, service, routines.
Aquarius folks would be inspired to take care of their health and general well being this summer solstice day with the Sun posited in the 6th house. Do remember that only when you focus on your self can you contribute to others around.

What to do for the day: Play hard
What to focus on: party, creative pursuits, children, romance, play. 
The summer solstice nudges the Pisces people to have fun and play with the summer sun. Connect to your inner child. Strengthen your familial relationships and bonds as well around this day.

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