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The season of Taurus extends from the 20th of April to the 20th of May every year when the luminary Sun transits to the earth sign of Taurus. The Taurus season happens during the Spring season and is all about cleaning and freshness. As the season progresses, the days start to grow in time, the Sun comes out and there would be blooms all over the terrain. Taurus, is ruled over by the planet of Venus which stands for love and pleasure.

What do we do during the Taurus Season
During the season of Taurus, we need to slow down and evaluate our standards of living and simplify our basic needs too. Pamper yourself, rest, connect with nature, eat food to your heart’s content and pursue some creative projects that gives you physical and mental stimulation and keeps you occupied through the period. Just follow your heart and embrace romance as it comes your way. In other words, this is a season of indulgence of sorts.
This earthy season would ground us and make us wait for the seeds to sprout. This is a season that teaches us a slow and steady approach towards life. Taurus is also a very sensual sign and hence sex and self care become prominent for the period.

Advice for the Taurus Season
• Slow down and connect with nature
• Give yourself all the comforts you deserve
• Find stillness in the smallest of moments
• Let the simple answers be enough
• Be grateful to what you are now


You would have felt at home when the Sun transited through your sign. Now during this Taurus season, there might be some challenges for you. Stay cool and do not lose your temper. This is a time to let go of things that are irrelevant to you now. During the Taurus season there would be a shift of your energy towards sex and romance. This is a good time for having pleasure, do connect with this idea.

This is your season, Taurus. You are in the limelight, do enjoy the social activities around you. There is an energy of abundance, luck and fortune around, embrace this. A the Sun moves through your sign, it would be good to look out for a job or buy your dream home. This is a time when you ought to manifest your true intentions in life.

The Taurus season is a season of self care, nurturing and time for taking on healthy habits in life. This is a potent season that calls for releasing the unwanted from your life, Gemini. There might be sudden changes and drama around. Keep things simple and follow your gut instincts. Take good care of physical and mental health, some spiritual inclination also helps you during this Taurus season.

The Taurus season is the season for some grounding for the Cancers. There might be some emotional an sentimental feelings around. Again a powerful time to let go of things that are no longer needed for you. This is an ideal time for self-care, do avoid any social events through the season. There would be a positive energy that supports all your romantic and relationship needs through the season.

The Taurus season guides the Leos to bring some structure and stability into their relationships. There would be occasional challenges all along with mood swings and interpersonal rifts. Beware of the dynamics you enjoy with others around. Some fierce and combative energy is surging along your path. Be patient when forging new relationships. Try to learn and stay calm and composed. Use your intense energy level for constructive purposes. Be patient through the entire Taurus season.

This Taurus season is another earthy invite for you. It brings a grounding energy that helps you to integrate the lessons you learnt into your life. There might be some shift of energy levels. With the progress of the Taurus season, there would be a sense of clarity and you would be able to find your true life purpose. Be confident and believe yourself. This is a good time to step up your purpose.

This Taurus season would promote growth in your social life. Tagged along with this comes way for new relationships and possibilities to enhance your finances. There would be an emphasis towards nurturing of your romantic relationships as well. At last you would be making your mind to settle down with a partner of your interest this Taurus season. This is a season of cultivating your ties, Libra.

The Taurus season would bring about some spiritual transformations in the lives of Scorpios. You would be able to kick off some bad habits as well this season. Release all toxic habits and relationships and get out of secretive deals. Greater transformations are coming your way. This is an ideal time for self-care, healing and self devotion.

The Taurus season brings about a new shift of cycle for the Sages. You would be more ambitious these days. But make sure that work does not come in way of your relationships. Stay grounded and focussed. There might be some stressed and repressed feelings along. This is a good time for therapy, self care and journaling. You would be dragged more into the practical side of work these days, do concentrate on your inner well being as well.

The season of Taurus arouses the sensuality of the Capricorns. This would be a time of fulfilment of your desires and wishes as well. Occasionally you might feel a block or challenge in life, use the potent power of the season to knock it down. Again an apt time for you to meditate or get into therapy. This is more a season for seeking pleasure, rather than delving into work.

The Taurus season brings about a new version of yourself. You would be dramatically turning into someone more wiser and awakened, but do share the journey with others. This is a good time to forge some committed friendships. You would be building a strong support system these days. Lend a hand, take up a social or charity cause and pursue what seems satisfying to your inner self as the Taurus season moves on.

This is a season that calls for an emphasis towards your mental well being. Use this season to stay grounded as well, do connect to the earth as much as possible. As the Taurus season proceeds, and as Spring unfolds, your level of confidence would burst at the seams. Keep loving and stay away from any sort of worries and anxieties. Be sensitive and empathetic always, take ample rest too.

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