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Findyourfate   .   31 Oct 2022   .   3 mins read

Taurus- Lover of Luxury

In astrology, each zodiac sign is ruled by a planet, and the sign of Taurus is ruled over by the planet Venus. Venus is the planet of happiness and luxury. Taurus is the first of the Earth Sign in the zodiac line-up. It is also the 2nd house that rules over our finance and resources. The Sun loiters in Taurus from April 19 until May 20.The sign of Taurus involves luxury and pampering. Taurus natives are Syabrites at heart. Taurus or the Bull as it is addressed in astrology circles,  is all about opulence and  is the most high standard zodiac sign of all. Tauruses are good at a lot of things, but they’re best at luxuriating. Taurus is, after all, the most expensive zodiac sign.

Taurus is a sign known for its lavish lifestyle. The most notable Taurus traits include a luxury life style, opulence, and love of material objects. Many Taurus folks are highly materialistic, along with their desire for luxury goods and possessions. These zodiac signs often have a love for jewelry, fur coats and leather accessories. They are adept in hoarding expensive stuff.

Taurus are known to put immense value on their possessions. They will have no qualms about having a jewellery collection that's on a par with that of the wealthiest of people. They like to surround themselves with creative people, who are also passionate and intelligent, so that they can share their wealth of knowledge with them and reap the benefits.

The Taurus zodiac sign is associated with luxury, and those born under this sign often enjoy the finer things in life. From beautiful homes to expensive cars, Taurus natives know how to enjoy the good life.

Tips to live the Taurus Lifestyle

1. Taurus always believes in quality over quantity. Hence always invest in quality. When it comes to owning things, always choose the best that would last a lifetime much like the Taurus.

2. Taurus loves a comfortable life. They surround themselves with beautiful and luxury things that make them happy, try to make your place of living a heaven, even if the place does not surmise one.

3. Live your life to the fullest, no matter whatever life has to offer. Taurus are not intimidated by any ups and downs as they always get to stable ground.

4. Indulge your senses, enjoy the good things that life offers and take time to enjoy.

Taurus Celebrities known for their luxurious life

Though these Taurus personalities have a luxurious lifestyle at their disposal, they continue to stay grounded, giving much credit to their earthy connection.

       1. Queen Elizabeth

       2. Dwayne Johnson

       3. David Beckham

       4. George Clooney

       5. Adele

What luxuries are Taureans into?

1. Money
Money is the key to physical pleasures and is the code for the enjoyment of our life. The main motto of the earth sign of Taurus is a desire for security. Hence all Taurus folks have an obsession over money and respect it. They well manage their resources and are adept in investing it wisely.

2. Food
Food is an important stimulant for Taurus. They just live to eat. Not only do they enjoy good food, they are great in hosting large dinners and banquets to impress their guests. Taurus have one of the most expensive tastes among the zodiac signs.

3. Shopping
Even if it is  not necessary, Taurus just love to shop for fun and pleasure. They like to shop all day long and are good in grazing over boutiques and stores all day long. Shopping is a very serious affair for them. Taurus just shop for the best in everything and do not settle down for anything less. Whatever they buy is not inexpensive. They just like to splurge. There is no holding back on their spending spree. If they like something, they just go for it, there is no second say.

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