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The house placement of the Sun shows the area of life where the vital energies generated by the Sun are likely to focus. The Sun associated with any house illuminates or gives light to the meaning of that house. Through the whole part of our life, this energy of the Sun is evident. The house where the Sun is posited would prove to be the focus of our drive in life.

Sun in the 1st House

The Sun in the first house takes on a strong identification with the  Ascendant, and produces an individual that is very true to the nature of this sign. The Sun in the first house  provides a very strong sense of identity, abundant vitality, and personal confidence. A first house Sun produces much initiative, self-assurance, and leadership skills that might not be otherwise found in the chart.

You are a more spontaneous and outgoing person than you think. You have a determination to make something of yourself. You aren't easily swayed by the opinions or desires of others, having your own clear view of goals. The radiance of the Sun in first house usually produces abundant energy and excellent recuperative powers which help you overcome physical ailments that may come along.

In the first house, the Sun gives you a sense of yourself that makes it important to feel that you are important, and in general, a person of significant distinction. The nature of the Sun in the first house produces optimism and gives you a very sunny disposition.

The Positives of Sun in the 1st House:




The Negatives of Sun in the 1st House: 



Advice if you have Sun in the 1st house:

Be more knowledgeable of who you really are.

Celebrities with Sun in the 1st House:

Grace Kelly

Freddie Mercury

Bruce Lee

Alyssa Milano

Sun in the 2nd House

The Sun positioned in the second house of one’s natal chart  focuses energies on resources which includes money, wealth and all of the material possessions and benefits that this can provide,  you have a drive for power especially geared toward personal resources, your personal security, and other material values.

It is important for you to have control of your financial affairs though . The need for this material control and success is strong, as is the drive for financial independence. This position usually provides not only the need, but also the ability to succeed in a material sense. There is a tendency to equate power or prominence with money and possessions.

Often, most of the energy of the native goes into making money solely for the sake of spending and enjoying it. Indeed, you may be a free-spender even if you truly lack the assets to do so; it is hard to be conservative when it comes to money. The strongest trait that is shown by this placement is the sense of generosity that it often produces. The use of money to help others may be one of your most attractive attributes.

The positives of Sun in the 2nd house:




The Negatives of Sun in the 2nd house:



Advice if you have Sun in the 2nd house:

Don’t let your pride cloud your judgment

Celebrities with Sun in the 2nd house:

Elvis Presley

Audrey Hepburn

Aishwarya Rai

Sun in the 3rd House

This placement of Sun in the 3rd house denotes a drive for power in matters regarding mental or analytical accomplishment. This placement of the Sun actually compels you to want to learn and to broadly expand your understanding of varied subjects. Hence, you are likely to remain involved in continuing education and mental development for your entire life.

Travel and study are strongly in your blood, and you may become a little impatient if you can't move about freely and receive a constant flow of mental stimulation. This placement produces teachers, writers or persons some way involved with disseminating information.

You always communicate so well that you are one of those people who has a faculty for saying the right thing, at the right time. The ability to express ideas effectively is always important to you. You seem to remain ever optimistic, even when things don't go your way. Do be cautious of becoming intellectually over-confident, as it is easy for one with this position to fall into a pattern of intellectual arrogance, especially when dealing with those less well informed.  

The positives of Sun in the 3rd house:




The Negatives of Sun in the 3rd house:




Advice if you have Sun in the 3rd house:

Pay attention to the needs of your loved ones.

Celebrities with Sun in the 3rd house:

Elizabeth Taylor

Russel Crowe

Mick Jagger

Ben Affleck

Bob Marley

Sun in the 4th House

This placement of the Sun  denotes deep roots in the home and a strong drive for domestic well being security. Your personal expression is aimed towards family matters and the home environment. A fourth house Sun lends powerful instincts to protect and conserve the traditions and institutions with which you identify; the base of your life, the home.

Although the early part of your life may have been an uphill struggle in some way, you were strongly conditioned by your background, family history, or possibly just by your early environment. You are apt to be very proud of you heritage, legacy and origins.

This is a favorable position for the Sun as it often produces rapidly increasing prosperity and security in the latter half of life, while increasing the vitality and energy during these later years. The Sun in the 4th house guides interests in land, houses, ecology, natural resources and issues associated with environment conservation.       

The Positives of Sun in the 4th house:




The Negatives of Sun in the 4th house:



Advice if you have Sun in the 4th house:

At any cost do not lose your self-respect.

Celebrities with Sun in the 4th house:

Marlon Brando

Pablo Picasso

Halle Berry

Nikola Tesla

Sun in the 5th House

The Sun in the fifth house of the birth chart or horoscope suggests that you are a resourceful person, and much of the focus in your life is directed toward creative activity. There is a very strong drive to express yourself in creative terms like- to write, to act, to perform in public, to develop or produce.

You want to be noticed and appreciated. You may be a little bit of a show-off, or at least one careful always to present yourself at your very best. Yours is a sunny and happy disposition that usually attracts many friends and admirers. You are not one to shy away from taking chances, and for some with this placement, the thrill of a risky but promising gamble is hard to resist.

There is a childlike quality attached to this position of the Sun , and it may be necessary to ensure that your actions are mature and subtle. Don't be too theatrical and egocentric. The self-confidence produced by this placement is strong. Often the focus of attention is on children in general. You are likely to dote on your children, and perhaps even project your own dreams through them.

The positives of Sun in the 5th house:




The Negatives of Sun in the 5th house:



Advice if you have Sun in the 5th house:

Try to be sensitive towards others.

Celebrities with Sun in the 5th house:

Leonardo Da Vinci


Tyra Banks


Sun in the 6th House

This placement  of the Sun indicates a drive related to work, service and health. You are a determined worker, faithful and you are inclined to take great pride in your endeavors. And you seek to distinguish yourself by your efforts and contributions in the workplace.

This position of Sun often leads to success in positions of administrative authority, also in specialized skills requiring expert craftsmanship. And you might  be very demanding, holding all to the highest standard. If you are on the other end of employer/employee relationship, you can be most demanding and dogmatic toward your employer, insisting on rights and privileges of workers.

This position also deals with health issues, and wellness and nutrition. Physical fitness is also an area of major interest. Frequently, health matters become a major concern and careers in some field related to health and fitness are common when the Sun is in the 6th house.  

The positives of Sun in the 6th house:




The Negatives of Sun in the 6th house:



Advice if you have Sun in the 6th house:

Stay grounded and follow a routine.

Celebrities with Sun in the 6th house:

Ariana Grande

John Lennon

Charlie Chaplin

Sun in the 7th House

This placement of the Sun in the 7th house denotes  a public person. Your life is strongly influenced by your partner in personal and professional life. These connections make or break you as you would be reacting to them.

You are particularly adept at public relations as you know how to cooperate and deal with others. This is a good position for most careers in sales, marketing  and promotion. The power of this position will always be in relationships, and it will be necessary for you to help others in order for you to shine.

Your keen sense of proportion permits you to become an arbitrator, called on to balance one person or faction against another, to maintain an equilibrium.

The Positives of Sun in the 7th house:




The Negatives of Sun in the 7th house:




Advice if you have Sun in the 7th house:

You value or self-worth is not set by others.

Celebrities with Sun in the 7th house:

Prince William

Kylie Jenner

Carl Jung

Sun in the 8th House

The Sun residing in the eighth house denotes a deep creativity and a large understanding of life. The chief purpose of the Sun in this house is to give you a sensitivity to other people's values and there probably will be some responsibility in this regard. You have a close identification with social values.

Activities  of the natives often centers on possessions or resources of other people, and you may find your energies invested in collective enterprises. Stock markets, banking, pensions, are a few of the fields that may attract such people. In any field that you enter you are to be very creative, investigative, and thorough as a researcher.   

The Positives of Sun in the 8th house:




The Negatives of Sun in the 8th house:


Cold and Aloof

Advice if you have Sun in the 8th house:

Pay less attention to what others say.

Celebrities with Sun in the 8th house:

Emma Watson

Kylie Jenner

Demi Moore

Sun in the 9th House

The Sun in the ninth house is a placement suggesting that your focus may be on idealistic rather than the practical side of affairs. A 9th  house Sun often produces a thinker who expresses ideas on a broad level. You should have lofty and noble motives, but the sense of practicality may at times be lacking.

There may be serious interests in spiritual and religious pursuits. Law, religion and philosophy are subject of natural interests for the natives. They are highly intuitive. Your high ideals can be carried too far at times. If you fail to keep these under control, you can become fanatical about them.

This can be a very outgoing position, for once you are convinced you have the answers to the weighty questions attracting your concern, you will want to share your insights with all that will listen. The ninth house Sun has a desire to cover distances physically. There is a strong desire for exploration and travel, for knowing first hand and understanding foreign culture and traditions.

The Positives of Sun in the 9th house:




The Negatives of Sun in the 9th house:



Advice if you have Sun in the 9th house:

Find ways to enlighten yourselves.

Celebrities with Sun in the 9th house:

Tom Cruise

Jessica Alba

Ashton Kutcher

Sun in the 10th House