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Welcome to 2024, Scorpio. This is going to be an exciting and intense period for you with eclipses, planet retrogrades and the waxing and waning phases of the Moon keeping you on your toes.

The first three months of the year would not have much influence on your sign, but then there would be a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in your 12th house of Libra on Monday, March 25. With a Lunar Eclipse in your 12th house, you would have an overwhelming appetite for rest and renewal. Till now you would have been busy, now would be a time to balance your work and play. And then after two weeks there would be a Total Solar Eclipse in your 7th house of Aries on Monday, April 08. Generally, eclipses in the 7th house stand to affect relationships. There might be major upheavals in your relationships, there be emotional periods or break- ups. Some of you might see your boundaries withering off during this eclipse season. And a couple of weeks following the eclipses, there would be a Full Moon in your sign of Scorpio on Tuesday, April 23. This would be an emotionally dynamic event for the natives. There would be opposition between the Moon in the passionate waters of Scorpio and the Sun in the earthy Taurus. This would be an enlightening time that helps you to decide what stays in your life and what ought to be got ridden off. The Scorpio Full Moon is a good opportunity to kick off bad habits as well that threaten your well-being.

The second eclipse-duo for the year 2024 starts with a Partial Lunar Eclipse in the 5th house of Pisces for Scorpio natives on Wednesday, September 18. With a lunar eclipse in the 5th house, a love affair of yours might be put to test. You would feel that your life demands are eclipsing your happiness with partner around these days. In a matter of few days, Venus, the planet of love enters your sign on Monday, September 23. This makes the natives to forge an intense bond with partner that can stand the test of time. This is a loyal placement for the Scorpios for better or for worse, there is no –in-between. Closing the eclipse season we have an Annular Solar eclipse in Libra, the 12th house for Scorpios on Wednesday, October 2. With a Lunar eclipse in the 12th house you would need a time for rewinding and relaxing. Stay away from any sort of physical and mental exertion for that matter.

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And then we have Mercury, the planet of communication entering your sign on Sunday, October 13. When Mercury transits through Scorpio, it would shine light on all the hidden secrets parts of our lives. Bonding with partner would be quite intense thanks to this transit. And the main highlight would be the entry of Sun into your sign on Tuesday, October 22 heralding the start of the Scorpio season that lasts for another one month period. The transit of Sun in your sign would be fruitful, however Scorpios are advised to take good care of the health. There is a New Moon too scheduled in Scorpio for Friday, November 01. This day would leave you torn between caring for you and caring for others around. But then you would be able to express your emotions more freely around the New Moon day. To wrap up events for the year 2024, Mars, your ruler turns retrograde in the sign of Leo on Friday, December 06. When your ruling planet goes retrograde, you might go off your track. Being driven by Mars you would be affected to your bone, just lay low, review and re-wire things that need to be taken care of and wait for Mars to turn direct. Mars would be direct during the last days of February, 2025.

What we got here for the Intense Scorpios:

• Important Planetary Events for Scorpio in 2024

• General Forecast

• Health Predictions

• Education and Career Prospects

• Love and Family Relationships

• Financial Overview

Important Planetary Events for Scorpio in 2024

• Monday, March 25- Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Libra (12th house)

• Monday, April 8- Total Solar Eclipse in Aries ( 7th house)

• Tuesday, April 23- Full Moon in Scorpio

• Wednesday, September 18- Partial Lunar Eclipse in Pisces (5th House )

• Monday, September 23- Venus enters Scorpio

• Wednesday, October 2- Annular Solar Eclipse in Libra (12th house)

• Sunday, October 13- Mercury enters Scorpio

• Tuesday, October 22- Sun enters Scorpio

• Friday, November 01- New Moon in Scorpio

• Friday, December 06- Mars turns retrograde in Leo

General Forecast

Scorpio is the eighth sign in the zodiac cycle and is a water sign. Natives born under this sun sign are very independent, creative, possessive, loyal and trustworthy. Year 2024 is predicted to be an average for the Scorpios. Unwanted problems arise now and then and the middle of the year would pose you myriad troubles. There would be relationship issues, financial hardships and uncertainty stares at you occasionally. However, with self-confidence you would tread ahead in style as always. This year is promised to be a happy period for your love and marriage though. Peace and harmony would prevail at home and your social life improves this year. Scorpios can expect major changes coming their way for the period. Saturn would be placed in your 5th house of Pisces all through the year, this might hinder your love prospects and impede with your luck and fortune. Also, some Scorpios would have troubles owing to children in their lives. Saturn would make you to sweat a lot but with minimum yields.

Year 2024 would be an average year for Scorpios, but the days would be quite intense.

Till May,2024 Jupiter would be transiting through your 7th house of relationships which forebodes goodness. Then its transit to your 8th house of Gemini, during the last days of May might bring about troubles in life. Though your financial inflow would be steady, an increased expenditure might torment your finances. Save and avoid indulgences to avoid a financial crisis later during the year. Though the year might pose problems, Scorpios are asked not to lose hope and to remain cheerful. Expect the unexpected and prepare for the worst. Stay away from all sorts of temptations doing their rounds and weigh the pros and cons before taking important life decisions. Be truthful, do not lose your dignity and do not lose hope when you are not appreciated or is challenged. The hope of this year would be that your family and partner would be by your side. This is a year of major upheavals, periodically re-assess your standing in life. Keep working, swim against the tide and the end of the year would bless you with peace and contentment in life.

The offers tremendous growth potential for Scorpio men. They would have the determination to achieve their goals as well despite challenges around. Their relationships bloom and responsibilities pile on their shoulders. Btu with support of family they would be going places through the year.

2024 would be an excellent period for the Scorpio women as well. If committing to a relationship, getting married or planning for a baby is on your mind, then this would be the apt time. You would get the good support, love and care of your family these days. Just keep going, the year ahead hold great promises for you.

Scorpios are advised to look out for the positive in everything they face this year. Some of your past efforts would pay off now. Perseverance pays, a good time to evolve into a new you. Do not wait for things to fall in your lap, just go after them.

Health Predictions

Scorpios are asked to be cautious of their general health for the year ahead. Certain food habits and lifestyle issues might come in way of your health this year. Hence you ought to switch to a healthier option these days. Quitting unwanted habits would bring about positive changes in your general health and well being in 2024. Good health management is vital to stay in health for the year ahead.

Switching to healthier options would help you from future headaches.

Around mid-year, Scorpios would have better energy levels that support stubborn physical works and any sort of adventure. During the last quarter, your energy levels once again dwindle. Take occasional breaks, take supplements and stay in goodness. Career and finances related stress might wear you down frequently. Your mental health needs utmost-care these days. Avoid fast foods, spicy items and rely on home-cooked meals, this would save you from myriad health related issues for the year. Always remember to stay hydrated, stay physically active and develop a positive mindset that assures you well being through the year.

Education and Career Prospects

This year, Scorpio students would benefit much in their educational pursuits. Much effort, commitment and focus are needed on their part to come out successful amid some tough competitions around. Scorpios are advised to run towards their goal and to not waiver along the way. Any type of sluggish moments and you would be left out of the race, hence keep going. Be practical, do not be a book-worm, find ways to improve your knowledge base at all times. This year, Scorpios into research works would find the time much favorable towards the same. They would have a penchant towards solving major problems with regard to medicine or technology and would be path-breakers. With discipline, Scorpios would move mountains in their academic pursuits through the year.

Your commitment to work would bring you success this year. Your hard work would finally pay off and you would command good respect from among peers and authorities. Your career growth prompts good financial inflow and there might be better career performance for the first half of 2024. Then as the year progresses, you would be presented with multiple opportunities to grow in your career field. Do hold onto any opportunity that comes your way as it might not show again. But make sure that you do not take on more responsibilities than you can handle as it might weigh your own. Only careful planning and a strategic approach to problems would help you to come up in your career field this year. And then this is a good time for Scorpios pursuing businesses. Success would be yours, but have a slow and steady approach and do not lose your foothold. Being focussed on your career goals would guide you towards greater achievement in the professional side this year.

Multiple Career opportunities come for Scorpios this year.

Love and Family Relationships

Scorpio natives are assured domestic welfare and happiness in 2024. They would get the good support and favor of their parents and siblings through the period. The married ones however might face some troubles with in-laws, better understanding and communication can break barriers. The time is much favorable for marriage and child birth in the family, bringing about joy and happiness at home. Positive energy is promised in your familial circles, do take good advantage of this to improve your ties. Children at home bring joy and happiness. Elders in the household might need your constant care these days. Just make sure that you are a good emotional support for family through 2024.

Though the year ahead promises goodness in love and marriage for Scorpios, there might be occasional rifts with partner through the year. Do give priority to your relationship than your own self these days, this would help you to win over your partner. Scorpios in a relationship would find this a very decisive period. Just be sure that you are loyal and honest to your partner and get your feelings and emotions across. Around mid-year long standing rift with partner might get resolved. Some Scorpios would see a friendship turn into a potential relationship in 2024.

It is not going to be a cake-walk in love and relationships for this year.

In general, this would be a good period for the love prospects of Scorpios. A sense of security and confidence would develop in love and marriage. The single ones would be finally attracted to a partner, and this person is likely to help you to come out of your comfort zone. The married Scorpios would be able to strengthen their bonds and conjugal bliss is assured. You have a lot to look forward to this area for the year ahead. It would be a time of abundance and together you would be unravelling secrets. This year favors getting married or starting up a family. If true love has been eluding you, now would be the time when everything would click in your favor. Some of the more conservative and conventional ones would see them in an arranged marriage setup through the year. This is going to be a year of great opportunities to further up your relationships like love and marriage and take it to a whole new level that would be comprehended as the year progresses.

Financial Overview

In 2024, the finances of Scorpios would be much stable and secured when compared to the previous years, when you faced some turbulent times. Through the year they would be able to make some good savings and better investments. This would be an ideal time to make high value purchases like real estate or gold which would yield good returns in the days to come. Also, a good time to go for speculative or risky ventures. However, make sure that you are not indulgent with your resources and is cautious of your financial moves. A steady growth of your finances would be seen as the year moves on. Some of your long-held money plans would see the light of the day this year. This is also a better time when luck and fortune would befall you without much asking. The planets make sure that your resourceful all through the year in terms of finances, Scorpio.

Scorpios would find the year ahead to be favorable for their buying and selling sprees. This would be the time to buy your dream home or invest in some land deals as the prices would be much lucrative. Even selling of property would fetch you good returns. Whatever be your plans, the Scorpios would just get the best deals these days.

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