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Saturn would be retrograde in the zodiac sign of Pisces from June 17 2023 to November 04 2023. Here are the important dates to watch out for with regard to this:

Important dates to keep in mind:

March 7, 2023: Saturn enters Pisces.

June 17, 2023: Saturn goes retrograde.

October 12-November 27, 2023: Saturn reaches 0 degrees of Pisces.

November 3, 2023: Saturn gets direct

February 7-8, 2023: Saturn comes out of its post-retrograde shadow period

Saturn Retrograde

In general, Saturn goes retrograde for about 6 months ( around 140 days) every year. But this year, the retrograde phase gets important as Saturn has just entered the water sign of Pisces. Add to this the retrograde start phase coincides with a Gemini Moon which would bring about some intense energy levels around.

Saturn is a great disciplinarian or task master that teaches us some important life lessons as it cruises through the zodiac sky. When Saturn retrogrades, it makes us to think over our past and find out where we were mis-led or where we exceeded our boundaries. It would bring us back on track and would teach us life-values if we are back-sliding in certain areas of our life.

The Saturn retrograde period would be a time for introspection and self-reflection. This is a time when we learn from our past mistakes and make amends with our present. This period can be best utilized towards self-improvement, confront challenges, and be patient. We get stronger by the day as Saturn retrogrades bringing in major transformations in our life courses.

Saturn Retrograde in Pisces 2023

When transiting Saturn through Pisces goes retrograde, it makes us to be very courageous and fight for social justice and our own private ideals. During this season we would focus our talents and skills towards developing something new that would be useful for the future, with our past experiences instilled in them as well.

Click to see:- Saturn Retrograde Calendar for 2023

Zodiac Signs that would be affected negatively by Saturn Retrograde of 2023

This Saturn retrograde period would be a tough phase for you, Cancer. There would be health issues, financial debacles, accidents in travel and career woes. Relationships might also suffer, hence be cautious and go slow taking one step at a time for this phase.

Libras would see some troubles in their love-life , there would be misunderstandings of all sorts. Financial issues also haunt you. Some of you might even lose your job, let alone your health. Libra students would find impediments in their studies during the Saturn retrograde period. Lay low for now.

As Saturn goes retrograde, Scorpios’ domestic welfare and happiness would be affected. Some of them would suffer from health concerns and there would be troubles in the career front. This Saturn retrograde in Pisces would also affect the relationships of Scorpio natives.

With Saturn going retrograde in your sign, Pisces folks would have much troubles than all the other zodiac natives. Luck would not be on your side. Your finances dwindle and expenditure might go hay-wire. You would have troubles in re-paying your loans. Stay frugal through the retrograde period.

How the Moon signs should behave during this Saturn retrograde:
Each Moon sign would be confronted with unique challenges and opportunities during this Saturn retrograde period of 2023. Use this important celestial event to work in your favor and make well-informed decisions. Here are some tips as to how the different Moon signs should be prepared for the retrograde period.

Don’t know your Moon sign, check it out here.

Aries - Give priority to personal life and stay away from bad company.

Taurus - Do not flaunt nor be arrogant, engage in social and charity works.

Gemini - Be cautious with your finances, home improvement works can be taken up.

Cancer - Beware of illegal money schemes and rifts with authorities, handle finances with ease.

Leo - There might be separation from partner, be honest and seek support when needed.

Virgo - Health takes an impact, take up medical intervention then.

Libra - Your sensual side gets a beating, children at home need your care.

Scorpio - A good time to travel, protect your wealth from others.

Sagittarius - Health and finance need careful handling, be emotionally balanced.

Capricorn - unwanted expenditure, disappointments and mental breakdowns arise, work towards mitigating these.

Aquarius - A good period, but do not be arrogant, pursue new ideas with commitment.

Pisces - Stay away from bad company, be motivated, focus on your goals and not be idle.

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