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Pluto entered the water sign of Aquarius on the 23rd of March, 2023 after being in the earthy sign of Capricorn for the last 15 years or so. This transit of Pluto is likely to bring about major changes in our world, in particular it stands to affect the areas of science and technology. Be prepared for some chaos and mess around. 

When Pluto entered the sign of Capricorn way back in 2008, there was a great economic crash known as the Great Recession. Home prices dropped and the stock markets crashed then. Only time needs to tell what this ingress of Pluto into the sign of Aquarius holds for us now. 

Pluto has the dubious distinction of overturning things, exposing scandals and breaks down rules and laws in order to bring something new into place. In a way, Pluto is known to bring about destruction but in a constructive sense. As of late we are again hearing news of financial institutions failing people once again, and that seems to be Pluto saying goodbye to the sign of Capricorn related to business and economy. 

The water sign of Aquarius deals with the future, innovation, technology, science and progress. Does the recent tech update of Chat-GPT have a say over the transit of Pluto into Aquarius? Of course, it might be with major revolutions on the anvil in the field of Artificial Intelligence. 

Pluto’s  Stint in Aquarius
Pluto takes about 250 years to go once through the zodiac cycle. Pluto entered the sign of Aquarius on the 23rd of March, 2023 and would be here till the end of 2043. This transit is likely to bring about futuristic thinking and forward thought process as Aquarius is all about this. There would be some strange happenings beyond human comprehension and disorientations would become the norm. There would be major revolutions in the fields of technology and politics. Not to mention there would be war over intellectual property rights, integrity over academic works and ethics in work place. Does that mean we ought to be fearful of our future?  No, instead we should look back to our past to learn some lessons, and should know that despite what befalls human kind, we always rose like a chimera and survived the test of time though several species became extinct in the face of such challenges.

Pluto in Aquarius placement
Pluto entered the sign of Aquarius on the 23rd of March, 2023. Till November 2024, it would be hovering between the final degrees of Capricorn and the first few degrees of Aquarius owing to its retrograde motion. After November 2024, it would be settling down in Aquarius permanently. Pluto brings about major transformations when in the sign of Aquarius and would empower us. Pluto’s transit to Aquarius would transform the way we approach our future and our need for humane and social equality. 

Did you know that…
Pluto was last seen  in Aquarius from 1778 – 1798. This period marked the great French Revolution and the American Civil War. At that time there was a cry for more equality among humans and people were striving to get out of slavery and injustice.

Do’s and Dont’s When Pluto is in Aquarius
Start a revolution in your own inner self
Bring about reforms for the benefit of humankind
Work towards equality of all
Learn to embrace differences
Get to the bottom of your emotional self
Empower your community
Maintain your individuality

Keep up with the status quo, look out for a change
Hide secrets and any sort of shame, bring them out to the fore
Come in way of anything that would uplift humans
Do not yield to any form of personal oppression
Do not confirm to political or social groups that oppress the needy.

Zodiac Signs most affected by Pluto in Aquarius:
The  Fixed signs  of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius are the zodiac signs that stand to get most affected by this transit of Pluto. This could be more transformative for them in a personal and collective sense. This transit would give them more power, at the same time there would be much more challenges and this promotes growth in reciprocation. 

This Pluto transit is most prominent for:
Aquarius Risings which denotes identity and life decisions, 
Taurus Risings implying career,
Leo Risings which denotes emphasis on  relationships and 
Scorpio Risings which stands for family and home.

What does it mean to have Pluto in Aquarius in your Natal Chart?
None of us alive would be having Pluto in Aquarius. Those who are born in between March 2023 and 2044 would have Pluto in Aquarius. These personalities would see the flaws in themselves and in society as a whole and would work towards rectifying the same. Pluto in Aquarius is more about the mind rather than emotions and hence they would find  it easier to let go of things quite naturally without much hesitation unlike us where clinging has become the norm.

What to expect when Pluto is  in Aquarius:
Machines like Robots are likely to give us emotional company.
There would be an increase in interest over aliens and the unknown realm.
Society would have a singular approach
There would be major civil unrests across the globe.
New discoveries that pose a threat to mankind likely.
There would be a scarcity for water and wars over the same would become common.
Personal interests might be sacrificed over technological advancements.
Confusion and chaos over changes prevail.
Established paradigms get shifted
Exciting times with profound opportunities.
There’s no stop over anything.

Major  dates to keep note of – Pluto in Aquarius Transit 
Pluto enters Aquarius March 23, 2023
Pluto  goes retrograde May 1, 2023
Pluto retrogrades back into Capricorn June 11, 2023.
Pluto goes direct in Capricorn October 10, 2023
Pluto re-enters Aquarius January 20, 2024
Pluto turns retrograde in  Aquarius May 2, 2024
Pluto retrogrades back into Capricorn September 2, 2024
Pluto goes direct at 29 Capricorn October 12, 2024
Pluto enters Aquarius for the final  November 19, 2024

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