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For Pisces, the planet events for the year 2024 starts with the grand entry of the luminary, the Sun into their sign on the 19th of February heralding the Pisces season. This transit of Sun into your sign would encourage your creative and romantic pursuits in life.

Closely following the Sun, Mercury would be entering your sign in a couple of days, on February 23rd to be precise. This gets you closer to your dreams and your instincts become stronger by the days.

On the 28th of February, 2024, the Sun gets into conjunction with Saturn again in your sign. With this conjunction your patience would be tested with much challenges coming your way, only patience and perseverance are called for.

The New Moon in your sign happens on the 10th of March when your dreams and creative pursuits would be stirred. You would be made to surrender to the environment that exists around you.

There is yet another conjunction of the Sun with Neptune this time in your sign and this would occur on the 17th of March. This conjunction of a weird duo would bring about some highs and lows in life for Pisces folks.

Then we have the fiery planet of Mars entering your sign on the 22nd of March. This brings about wellness in your relationship and there would be much warmth and love around.

The eclipse season then arrives for the Pisces people with a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse on the 25th of March in your 8th house of Libra. This gives a push towards spirituality for the already pious Pisces.

In a fortnight there would be a Solar eclipse in your 2nd house of Aries on the 8th of April. This would give a fillip to your financial standing.

After some hiatus, on the 29th of June, Saturn turns retrograde in your sign. This brings about major transformations in the lives of Pisces natives. You would seek a balance between adhering to your needs and to the needs of others around.

On the 2nd of July, Neptune would turn retrograde in your sign. This smudges the line that you have drawn between reality and fantasy, a sort of illusion prevails then.

There would be yet another eclipse season and this time it starts with a Partial Lunar Eclipse in your sign on the 18th of September and this would be a Full Moon too. It would be a very vulnerable period for the Pisces and hence resort only to self-care routines.

This would be followed by an Annular Solar Eclipse on the 2nd of October in your 8th house of Libra. This might bring about joint finances and money to the focus.

Your ruler Jupiter turns retrograde in the sign of Gemini on the 9th of October. As Gemini is an intellectual sign, this would be a time when the way your process and communicate information takes a major change.

Then on the 15th of November, Saturn hitherto retrograde in your sign turns direct. This would bring about some stability around and ease you out of troubles and tribulations that the retrograde phase of Saturn had caused earlier.

To wind off things for 2024, Neptune turns direct on the 7th of December. This would make you more empathetic and boosts your compassion levels.

Jupiter transits through your 3rd house of Taurus till the 26th of May. This brings about a noticeable change in the way you communicate. Then Jupiter shifting to your 4th house of Gemini would bring good luck, joy and happiness in your domestic arena.

Saturn spends all of 2024 in your sign. This is your Ascendant house and it would increase your confidence level. This is a time when you would find out who you really are. A time for personal transformation as well.

Uranus transits through your 3rd house of Taurus in 2024. This would be a period of major mental stimulation and change for the Pisces people.

Neptune continues its travel through your sign this year as well. It brings about spiritual enlightenment and increases your intuitiveness. However, the Neptune retrograde period might strike you quite hard enough, be cautious.

And Pluto transits in your 11th house of Capricorn till the 20th of November, 2024. This brings about good fortune and betterment in relations with siblings and neighbors. Then it shifts position to your 12th house of Aquarius when some of your deepest fears and emotional issues come to the fore.

Pisces folks are said to be quite introvert in nature. However, the planet influences for the year ahead would put them in the spotlight. They ought to be prepared for the great show ahead.

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