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Findyourfate   .   19 Jan 2022   .   3 mins read

Many tarot readers, including myself, offer new year's readings around this time of year. It's a tradition I look forward to every year. I'd put on my most comfortable clothes and pour my favourite tea into a large tumbler. I'd pull cards from multiple decks and spend hours conversing with them once I felt at ease.Whether you're a tarot reader or not, I encourage you to set aside some time for yourself to reflect on the past year and plan for the future. Begin by congratulating yourself on the things that went well. Next, try to recall some mistakes you made without making excuses for them. Recognize why they occurred.

After you've shaken hands with the past, turn your attention to the year ahead. Think about what you're looking forward to or what you'd like to accomplish. And I have some advice for you in this regard. This is what I advise clients to do when considering questions to ask the cards, and I believe it applies equally well in life: frame your intentions in the most positive way possible.

The following is a new year's reading for the group. For this reading, I reflected on my current feelings toward society — both good and bad — and ultimately churned them into an intention to contribute to trust and good faith.

What can I do to make a positive difference in society?

Alchemist is a card.

The Alchemist, also known as the Magician in most decks, is master of her own fate. The four elemental emblems in front of her represent that she has everything she needs to succeed on her chosen path. The background is painted red, the colour of determination and zeal. This implies that, in addition to skills and resources, she is focused and determined.

The appearance of the Alchemist in this position reminds me of what I used to think societal contribution meant. It had to be something noble, like charity or activism, in my mind. It is widely assumed that it must be for a "worthy cause."

However, as I mature and become more comfortable with myself, I'm realising that contributions don't have to be game changers. Everyone's journey is unique, and the best way to contribute is to simply be the best versions of ourselves.. So, if you're a baker, keep baking; if you're a cinephile, keep watching movies! Simply by pursuing our passions with joy and encouraging others to do the same, we can contribute to the world's positivity.

How can I use my past experiences to help me learn and grow?

Moon (Card)

Our subconscious is represented by the Moon. It can also represent the things we try to keep hidden, such as our fear and shame. But, as with Pandora's Box, while it is frightening, it is not entirely negative. Our full potential is hidden beneath all of the unpleasant things we'd prefer to keep hidden. When we repress any aspect of ourselves, we risk burying something valuable in the process.

We all have flaws that we don't like about ourselves. Those who can spare some compassion for themselves should consider what burdens they have been carrying. Consider how it would feel if we could live without these things, whether they are anger, guilt, insecurity, or things that are so frightening that we can't even name them. What aspects of our true selves may emerge once these burdens are removed?


Judgment: a card

Instead of asking a specific question for this placement, I sought open-ended guidance. What knowledge does the universe wish to bestow upon us at this time?

Although it is not the final card in the major arcana, Judgment does represent the conclusion of a journey. This stands in stark contrast to the Magician, who appears at the start of a journey to remind us that we have what it takes to succeed. Judgment appears to reinforce her message.

While there are numerous interpretations for this card (and every other card in the deck), I believe it is here to remind us that those who are empowered do not need to worry about the judgement of others, nor should we feel compelled to judge. We will all contribute to a civil and respectful society if we happily walk our paths and allow others to do the same.   


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