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Neptune is a trans-personal planet that spends about 14 years in each sign of the zodiac and takes about 146 years to go oncer around the Sun. It is a planet that rules our psychic side, our spirituality, dreams and illusions in life. Neptune is in retrograde phase 40% of each year, around 160 days or about 23 weeks. In 2023, Neptune is retrograde from 30 June to December 6 in the water sign of Pisces, its home.

What happens during Neptune Retrograde?

When Neptune goes retrograde, our fears from within come outside. Our desire to dream would be turned even more inwards. We would be made to question our goals and ambitions in life. We would be made to come to terms with reality despite the fantasy world we desired to have. Despite hiding our emotions we would be made to feel more sensitive and emotional during the retrograde days. Neptune retrograde brings about much illusions and logical thinking would be out. There would not be a clear judgement of anything around.

2023- Neptune Retrograde- dates

  • Neptune enters the Retrograde Zone (pre-retrograde shadow) on 9 March, 2023 in 0 deg 41 PISCES
  • Neptune turns Retrograde on 30.Jun.2023 at 10:06 pm, in 3 deg 30 Pisces
  • Neptune turns Direct on 6.Dec.2023, at 01:21 pm, in 0 deg 41 PISCES
  • Neptune leaves the Retrograde Zone (post-retrograde shadow) on March 24th  2024, in deg 30 Pisces


What to do during Neptune Retrograde?

  • Manage your psychological and emotional health by getting help.
  • Bring your dreams and fantasies into reality during the retrograde period.
  • You should get more spiritual and balanced in life.
  • Live in the present, be grounded.
  • Release past hurts and heal yourself.
  • Forgive those who did you harm.
  • Involve in self-care routines.
  • Health needs utmost care.
  • Contemplate where you stand in life and where you need to go.
  • Always rely on your intuition to take decisions.
  • Review, reflect and re-asses the various areas of your life.

Those Most Affected by Neptune Retrograde

Spiritual people such as psychics, healers and medical practitioners.

Those involved in self-help and development.

People handling chemicals.

Artists and musicians.

Those involved with water or aquatic animals.

People that rely on ocean, islands and fishing communities.

Those travelling on boats, ships and yachts.

The zodiac sign most impacted is Pisces.

Those with Neptune in their 6th house (especially Librans).

click to see:- Check out the 2023 Neptune Retrograde Calendar

Here’s how the zodiac signs would be impacted by the 2023 Neptune Retrograde


The 2023 Neptune Retrograde phase occurs in the 12 th house of Pisces for Aries folks. This activates their house of the subconscious and hence they would be impacted the most. Through the period you would be guided by your feelings. You would have increased dreams this season. Your intuition would take you through this season. For the retrograde period, Aries people might be asked to change their ideals and goals in life. Get rid of things that expend much of your energy, instead set your priorities in life straight. Be cautious of your thoughts and stay away from troubles and deceptions of sorts.


For Taurus, Neptune goes retrograde in their 11 th house from June end to the start of December in 2023. Hence the effects would be more visible on your social links. Certain friends disassociate from you due to disagreement in opinions. You would find it hard to acquaint with new ones. You would be retreating to your inner shell. During the retrograde period you would be more pessimistic and would be drawn towards misfortunes around you. This is a time when you can give more to your community. You become more aware of conserving the environment around and more true to your own self these days.


Neptune would be retrograding through your 10 th house of career this season. This would interrupt your career growth and development for now. You would be going through some tough times in the professional side. Some Geminis might think that they are not in the deserved career position, but wait until Neptune goes direct to make any switches. Some of your projects might hit a road block. Do not lose hope, instead focus on the opportunities you are presented with. Around this period, your creative thoughts might give you ideas for improving your finances, and some career avenues open up as Neptune enters the post-retrograde shadow phase.


The sensitive and emotional crabs would see Neptune retrograde in their 9 th house of spirituality. This makes you even more sensitive and sometimes you get overwhelmed. Make sure that you set boundaries in relationships around the retrograde season. Through the period you would be given certain signs that need decoding in order for the proper execution in life. Cancers might need to make amends to their spiritual journey through this phase. Some of you might get enlightened. This is a time when you can resort to social or charity works to show your gratitude to the universe. Be kind and gentle to all.


The mighty Lions would have Neptune retrograde in their 8 th house in 2023. This would meddle with your trust issues, beware of personal and professional deceptions and secrets getting out in the open. These days, you would be more comfortable with your private life. All through the period be cautious of financial frauds looming large. Leos would feel more inclined for a personal change, but might have emotional blocks. Get out of any patterns you have set in. Be bold to face reality, right in the eye. Certain natives would be obsessively connected with a partner, deviate yourself to some creative pursuits then. Set achievable goals and journey towards them rather than resorting to expending your energy on others for now.


Neptune retrogrades in the 7 th house of romance and relationships for Virgos this season. They ought to be prepared for a season of romance, emotional rides and confusions as well. Those looking out for a partner would find the search a bit tough these days. If you are already tied up, then you would have some dissatisfactions in the relationship. You might see a shift in your boundaries. Despite these, this would be an exciting period for the Virgins with all their romantic fantasies running wild. Your opinion about love stands to change as the retrograde period progresses. Do not hesitate to pursue the unconventional relationships, but wait for Neptune to go direct when the sky gets clearer.


Neptune reverses it movement in the 6 th house for Libras in 2023 June. This is the house of diseases and debts, hence you would see changes in your general well being and your routine life. This retrograde phase might ask you to change some of your die-hard habits, it however would be for your good though. You are prone to procrastinate more these days. Health issues crop up asking for some medical intervention, hitherto you had postponed. This is an ideal time to make amends to your standard of living. Get connected with nature to take stress out of your life. This would be a time for major transformations both within and outside, hence set new goals and start your new journey.


Scorpios would see Neptune retrograding in their 5 th house now. And this is the house of love, children and creative pursuits. Through these days, your creativity comes to the fore and it would be more emotional. You would be forced toward fantasy but understand that reality is much real. The retrograde phase brings about troubles in your personal and professional relationships, sort out any rifts that arise then and there. A sense of self-doubt emerges and you would be comparing your life with those of others, who are completely in a different path. Be supportive of those who depend on you. This retrograde period would make it difficult for you to continue with your social circles, certain changes might be needed.


In June 2023, Neptune retrogrades through the 4 th house for the Sages. This is the house of domestic welfare and maternal connections. During the retrograde period your emotions would fluctuate. Stay grounded and optimistic and let not negativity take over the reins. Do not let your near ones take advantage of you these days. Home and comfort will attract you and there would be scope for renovation of your home. Certain family truths might be out in the open asking you to change your opinion of others. However most Sagittarians would be delighted with the comforts of home. Spend ample time with your loved ones during the retrograde season.


Capricorns would have Neptune back-tracking in their 3 rd house for now. This is the area connected with communications and siblings. And this might affect the way you communicate with others, most Goats would find it difficult to get their points across. However you would have the ability to garner much information from others for the retrograde period. Certain ideas of your past that did not take off from your drawing table might now get their wings. Your creative abilities would be at its best these days. A sense of clarity prevails as Neptune progresses in its retrograde phase. Beware of frauds and deceptions.


Neptune retrogrades in the 2 nd house of family and finances for Aquarius folks this June 2023. This would up your senses, it brings happiness with material resources. Do indulge with food and fine things in life for the period. You would become more creative, particularly creating visual treats. However at times, Aquarians might be dissatisfied with life. Money issues might torment them. It is best advised to save on your resources, balance your inflow and outflow of funds for the retrograde season. Enjoy the simple pleasures of life, but do not over-indulge in luxuries.


Neptune, your ruler would be going retrograde in your sign this period. This would be of mixed fortunes for the natives. Some of you might go into hiding. This is a time when you enjoy the good times with your friends and social circle. However beware of false friends and those who might not meet up with your morals. A good time to fine-tune your identity. You would be able to attract others with your charm and wits. This retrograde season helps you to come to the fore with your creative skills. Be confident in your personal and professional life around this season. Believing in yourself would be the key to survival for the retrograde phase.

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