Dos and Don'ts for Neptune Retrograde

What should we do during Neptune Retrograde?

•  When Neptune goes retrograde, we are asked to focus on our spiritual life.

•  Bring your creativity to the fore.

•  Do not give opinions nor judge others as it might end in a mishap.

•  Your intuition would be at its best during the retrograde, hence make full use of it.

•  Do utilize the positive energy you find around you this time.

•  Always stick to reality and do not be swayed away by fantasy.

•  Do confront your fears and dreads in life with grit and determination.

•  Do not pursue anything that let us down during the retrograde period.

•  Be ready to convey your real feelings to your loved ones, rather than botching them in.

•  Let your dreams come true now, do not shy from them.

Don’ts during Neptune Retrograde

•  Do not meditate. You would not be able to focus on anything this period.

•  Do not take any drugs, medicine or drugs as you would be more sensitive to these during this time.