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FindYourFate   .   28 Sep 2023   .   1 min read

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Mercury, the communicator transits to the sign of Virgo just as October 2023 starts and would be here till the 18th. There is no better place for Mercury to be than in its sign of Virgo where it is said to be Exalted. Following suit, Venus also transits on the 1st of October to the house of Leo and stays here for a month period. This transit can inspire a desire for grand gestures, heartfelt displays of affection. Then on the 3rd of October, Mars moves to Libra. While Mars is in Libra, we would be more diplomatic and assertive.

Mid-month on the 14th we are in for an Annular Solar Eclipse in Virgo which would bring about some major changes personally and collectively. A couple of days from this, on the 17th, the Sun transits to the sign of Libra where it is said to be debilitated. Closely following the Sun, Mercury too transits to Libra. Mercury in Libra enhances our bonding in relationships. October ends with a Full Moon in Aries which is also a Partial Lunar Eclipse on the 28th. This Eclipse would help us to complete a journey or shift our focus.

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