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November 2023 starts with Venus, transiting to the sign of Virgo on the 2 nd . Venus in Virgo brings about lots of relaxation and stability in our domestic side. Then on the 3rd of November, retrograding Saturn turns Direct in Aquarius. Now you would be more committed and financially stable. Mercury, the communicator shifts position to Scorpio on the 6th . This means that our thought processes would be very deep and investigative. The New Moon for November occurs on the 13th in Libra. During the Libra New Moon just stop and observe around before you make the next move.

Then we have the Red Planet Mars transiting to the sign of Scorpio on the 15th of November. This transit is an invitation to embrace the depths of our ambitions and emotions. Following Mars, the Sun too enters Scorpio on the 16th . This transit of Sun through Scorpio would promote you in work and your qualities would be appreciated. Mercury in Scorpio now moves over to Sagittarius on the 26th of November. Mercury in Sagittarius would give us the permission to change our minds and grow mentally. Then we have the Full Moon on the 27th , in the earth sign of Taurus. This would help to anchor the fluctuating tides brought about by the Full Moon. The month ends with Venus, transiting to Libra on the 29th . When Venus transits into Libra, it brings about a period of harmony, balance, and beauty.

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