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April starts with a bang, Mercury turns retrograde on the 1st in the fiery sign of Aries. This changes our perception of reality and questions our existing habits. Mercury going retrograde in Aries is quite aggressive and annoying. It makes you to talk a lot rather than listen. On the 8th of April falls the New Moon for the month in Pisces. It would be a Total Solar Eclipse as well and it enhances our intuitive and creative abilities. It might even reveal long-buried emotions in our lives. After a couple of days, on the 10th of April, Mars and Saturn get into conjunction which would test your relationships and brings about power struggles around.

Around mid-April, on the 13th , the Sun transits to Aries. This energizes our collective consciousness and guides us to pursue our passion with courage. And after a lull period of about 10 days, Mars moves over to the zodiac sign of Pisces on the 22nd. This breaks us free from our usual way of doing things and utilizes our imagination. The following day, the 23rd , Libra would be hosting the Full Moon in Libra. This brings about a desire to transform our emotions and relationships. Following the New Moon, on the 24th of April, Venus transits to Aries where it is in detrimental position. This makes our feelings to be mixed. Quite a lot is packed for us in April, Enjoy the Spring folks.

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