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Year 2024 would bring about major changes in the life of Mithuna Rasi people in almost all spheres. There would be goodness in their relationships and career. You would forge some of the best social and friendship connections for the year. And these ties are likely to change the future course of your life. Students would find the year favourable and enjoy the benefits of their hard work. It would be a turning point for many Mithuna Rasi people. Long distant travel proposals materialise these days and there would be domestic welfare and happiness. All your past endurances and trials would vanish now. You would see marked transformations in various aspects of your personaland professional arenas.

Mithuna- Health Horoscope 2024

Mithuna people are in for some health concerns in  2024. With Ketu in the 6th house and Jupiter and Saturn on the roll call, this is not a good combination for better health. Hence make sure that you take all preventive measures to stay on top of the health chart. Stay way from bad food choices and remain hydrated always. Chronic Mithuna Rasi people in particular are vulnerable these days, keep a tab of your sugar, pressure and cholesterol levels. Keep yourself physically active and follow a routine that is positive for your mental and physical well being. With proper lifestyle changes Mithuna folks can lead a healthy life for the year ahead despite occasionalminor issues.

Mithuna- Love and Marriage horoscope 2024

2024 would be a year when the Mithuna singles or those in a relationship would be getting married. You would be blessed with a loving and loyal partner in life. However your patience and loyalty would be tested at times. The effect of Mars on your 5th house might interfere with your relationship and cause certain hindrances in your love life/marriage for the first half of the year. Be cautious and settle any issues with a heart-to-heart talk with your partner. Sometimes things might go out of control and cause permanent cracks in the relationship. From mid-year your love and marriage would move towards positive territory. Domestic welfare and happiness are assured. You would be having quality time with partner as the year progresses.

Mithuna-  Career Horoscope 2024

The career prospects of Mithuna people would be good this year and multiple opportunities come your way. Those into business would fare well too. However teamwork or joint ventures would not see the light of the day, hence stay way from this for 2024. Only hard work and commitment would give you good results. Mithuna natives who are aspiring are in for a job change or relocation. Do stay focused on your life ambitions and the ensuing days would take you on track. Your 10th Lord Jupiter or Guru transits your 8th house which is an evil one. And this might cause some hurdles in your career path. Hard work and commitment however would help you to survive tough times. The second half of the year in particular would be favourable for Mithuna people.

Mithuna- Finance Horoscope 2024

The finances of Mithuna Rasi people or those born with the Moon in the house of Gemini would have a  mixed trend for the year. There would be periods of profit and loss alternating through the year. If you resort to speculative deals then losses would stare at your face this year, hence stay away from this. The first and the third quarter of the year are quite favourable for your finances. Rahu or the Moon’s North node placed in your 12th house is likely to bring about unwanted expenditure of sorts including medical bills for native and family members. Do bank on your resources when the inflow of money is better. Natives are predicted with ample funds to meet their regular needs in life. However this would not be a period for them to indulge with their finances.

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