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This is a year that would bring about new meanings and new paths for Makara Rasi people or Capricorn Moon sign natives. All through 2024 Saturn or Shani is placed in your sign and this disciplines you to work hard and put your best foot forward. Career or profession would need extra effort and hard work without which you might be stagnant in the field. Your finances would be moderate and overall prosperity assured. There might be financial constraints however for Makara Rasi people through the year. Native students would fare well but Rahu might distract them from studies. Love and marriage are much favorable for Makara folks for the year. You would share good bonding with your partner and your relationship gets strengthened as the year progresses. In general, 2024 would be a period when Makara Rasi people would do well in all areas of life.

Makara- Health  horoscope 2024

The general health and well being of Makara Rasi people would be better in 2024. They are asked to control their anger, bury any resentments with others and avoid stress and strain in life. As this would affect their physical and mental health through the year. Mid-year is likely to cause certain health issues for the natives, hence exercise caution and resort to good hygiene habits. As the year progresses Makara Rasi elders and children might feel the brunt of planetary placements around resulting in some major health issues. Native would feel tired and fatigue would engulf them. Proper attention to health and certain preventive measures and good medial treatment would save you from some hard times through the year.

Makara- Love and Marriage horoscope 2024

2024 would pose to be a good period for the love and marriage prospects of Makara Rasi folks. Rahu in their 5th house of love would ensure that much love is involved in your relationship and your ties are strengthened through the year. However Makara Rasi people are asked to keep a check on what they speak and what they do as their acts would be indirectly affecting their relationship. Particularly mid-year would bring about some tough times in your love or marriage. The last quarter of the year would be fruitful for Makara Rasi singles, in that they would see their relationship end in marriage with the consent of family and friends. Arranged marriage for Capricorn folks is likely for the first half of the year. Mars in your 4th house for the first half of the year might bring about domestic unhappiness at times. Jupiter however would bring goodness in your relationships and you would get the total support and care of your partner through the year. The married ones are promised with conjugal felicity for the period and the expecting ones would be blessed with conception of a child.

Makara- Career Horoscope 2024

With Saturn or Shani in your sign, your career prospects would be good for the year ahead. And Jupiter ensures that you are successful in your career all this year. Natives are asked to work hard and focus on their career goals. Be cautious when you interact with authorities and colleagues in work place as matters of incompatibility might arise. Makara Rasi people are likely to travel widely owing to their career positions for the year. Do not get embroiled in any sort of office controversies that would impact your repute in work place. Makara Rasi people into business would be finding the year very auspicious for their ventures. Luck and fortune shall befall them and there would be good profits all along the year. Natives are urged to take in the advise of elders when they are stuck in their profession. The latter half of the year would give better career results when compared to the former half of 2024.

Makara-  Finance Horoscope 2024

Finances would be of mixed prospects for Makara Rasi natives in the year ahead. There would be unwanted expenditure of sorts and at times your finances would not be able to meet even your needs. Hence be cautious and save on your money when the inflow is adequate. Till  mid-year there would be financial hurdles for Makara Rasi people. But you would overcome those troubles with your frugal living and strong financial planning. After mid-year you would see good inflow of funds. Multiple sources of income come for you and you stand to get some money through luck or speculative deals with Rahu posited in your 5th house. Jupiter also ensures that you end the year 2024 on a strong financial note.

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