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Findyourfate   .   26 Aug 2021   .   3 mins read

Lilith is not a deity who is worshipped or someone who is stanned. Lilith is the demon that shall be avoided. The mere mentioning of its’ name is enough to scare away people. It is due to the fear that it will be summoned if called upon. From the corridors of the past, it has been associated with miscarriages, physically dependent, and mentally ill children.  It has fallen as wrath on the ones who heard its secrets. Who is Lilith? According to famous folklore, she was the first wife of Adam who refused to consummate with her and ran off. She consummated with the devil and gave birth to demons.

However, in astrology, Lilith has four points. The first is Asteroid Lilith, the second is True or Osculating Black Moon Lilith, the third is Mean Black Moon Lilith, and the last is Dark Moon or Waldemath Lilith. The Mean Black Moon Lilith is most used by astrologers. It is not fair to undermine the influence of the remaining three Lilith points. However, the ‘true’ Black Moon Lilith is the true Lilith and widely reflects the toxic energy of Lilith. She is one of those spirits in the world who are the most aged and possess a highly dark aura.

Lilith House

House of the Lilith is unclear. Some say it is the tenth house, while others think it is the third house. Lilith in the tenth house is quite powerful and influential. It feels high in control. Meanwhile, in the third house, it can easily communicate and becomes seductive. It is good at hoarding and transferring information. Not only this, but the ninth house could also be its house. It is highly mysterious and sexual in the ninth house. It can easily manipulate and get its way with things.

Lilith Zodiac sign

Lilith's Zodiac sign is unclear. However, most astrologers think that the original zodiac sign of Lilith is Scorpio. Both Lilith and Scorpio possess a dark and mysterious aura. Both are good at manipulating others and play life as a game. Lilith feels at home in Scorpio. Scorpio also possesses the innate drive for sex and the fulfillment of physical desires. So does Lilith. Scorpio is known as the god of sex, and Lilith is the goddess of sex. It must be quite reasonable to determine Scorpio as the zodiac sign of Lilith.

True Lilith

The true Black Moon Lilith is the true Lilith. It best portrays the original wild nature of a Lilith. The mean Black Moon Lilith of the true Black Lilith is the most lethal one and is widely used in astrology work. The other Lilith of true Black Moon Lilith is the osculating Lilith.

Some call it the grandmother that resides within us, and some call it the basic bitch that pops up inside of us every once in a while. Lilith possesses both bad and good traits. It can bring to the surface your innate desires, which are not evil or are evil. Also, it symbolizes our feminine unbridled raw sexual power. It is everything that we want to repress. For example, it is our rage, our hidden anger, or unworthiness. She brings forth anger and pushes you to lose your chastity. She is responsible for bringing karma upon you if you have done anything wrong. Also, she fosters the desperate feelings of approval-seeking behavior in you.

The Black Moon Lilith is the point where the moon is at the greatest distance from the earth while it is in its orbit. It is a lonely point. Here the moon remains completely secluded from the universe.

Lilith can be:

The invisible, and powerful, feminine intimate desires, residing inside of you.

The traumatized aspects of your personality, which has been wounded and shunned by the people around you or by yourself.

The greed within you which wants all and everything. It keeps pushing you and wants what is best.

That selfish part of you which will go to any lengths to gain what it wants, even if you have to sacrifice your values and norms.

The energy and courage to challenge tyranny and overcome it, no matter what.

The innate sexual desires of a woman that resides inside of you.


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