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The first quarter of year 2024 would not be that eventful for Libras. Close to the end of the quarter though on Monday, March 25 there would be a Full Moon in Libra. On this Full Moon day, it is important that we set boundaries around ourselves. They are not to limit others instead to let you be in peace with yourself. This full Moon day also happens to be a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Libra. During this eclipse there would be a sense of self-awareness and desire to re-assess your standing in life. This would be more of a period of reflection. Closely following the lunar eclipse there would be a Total Solar Eclipse in Aries, your 7th house on Monday, April 08. This Solar eclipse in Aries, would get you out of your comfort zone. Its fiery energy would inspire and motivate you. Aries is an impulsive sign, hence be prepared for a tumultuous ride.

Then after a lull period, Lilith Black Moon enters your sign on Saturday, June 29. This would offer you much power with regard to forming connections, however there would be a constant need on your part to depend on others. Total independence would help you to get out of these challenges. This influence of Lilith in Libra can be used to convert your desires and wishes into a great force, and at the same time maintaining a good balance around. And then we have Venus- your ruler, the planet of love and pleasure entering your sign on Thursday, August 29. When Venus transits into Libra, it would be a period of harmony and balance for the natives. This would be a good time where positive energy prevails in relationships. The second set of eclipses due in 2024 starts with a partial lunar eclipse in the 6th house of Pisces on Wednesday, September 18. Around this eclipse, Libra natives would become more aware of the other side of their close unions in life. It would also set you free from whatever you are clinging onto unwanted. Then we have the major planetary influence for the Libras being the transit of Sun into Libra on Sunday, September 22 which marks the start of the Libra season which is also called as the Fall or Autumn Equinox. This is a period when the days and night are equal in duration. Sun transiting through Libra would build bridges and mend broken relationships in your life.

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There would be action in the air, when the luminary Sun in Libra gets into exact conjunction (0 deg) with Mercury on Monday, September 30. This is a period that makes you more active. You would be more focussed on your work these days. There would be more inspiration and sparks of knowledge around. A good time to focus on research works. And the last eclipse of the year is due on Wednesday, October 02 which would be an annular solar eclipse in the sign of Libra. This is a time when the natives are asked to follow their passion which would lead them to success. But then do not forget to take care of yourself physically and mentally, stay balanced. The last event for the year in your sign occurs on Thursday, October 30 when the Sun gets into conjunction with Lilith. This conjunction would be a positive yet revelatory time. It would expose our weakness helping us to further develop positively.

What we got here for Libra:

• Important Events for Libra in 2024

• General Forecast

• Health Predictions

• Education and Career Prospects

• Love and Family Relationships

• Financial Overview

Important Events for Libra in 2024

• Monday, March 25- Full Moon in Libra

• Monday, March 25- Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Libra

• Monday, April 8- Total Solar Eclipse in Aries ( 7th house)

• Saturday, June 29- Lilith Enters Libra

• Thursday, August 29-Venus Enters Libra

• Wednesday, September 18- Partial Lunar Eclipse in Pisces (6th House )

• Sunday, September 22- Sun enters Libra

• Monday, September 30- Sun conjunct Mercury in Libra

• Wednesday, October 2- Annular Solar Eclipse in Libra

• Thursday, October 30- Sun conjunct Lilith in Libra

General Forecast

Libra is the seventh sign in the zodiac, and this is the only sign to have an inanimate symbol. Libras are known to be very diplomatic and tactful and they love a balanced and judicious approach to life. As for the prospects of the year 2024, they are going to see major changes coming their way. And they would be successful in their endeavors through the year, particularly their professional life is destined to shine. Those into business would see their prospects grow better. The Nodes of the Moon might impede their finances occasionally. Proper saving and avoiding indulgence would protect the Libras from a major financial debacle through the year.

As the year moves on, you would be able to reap the fruits of your hard toil of yester years. This period would bring new contacts into your fold, and they help you to come up in life. Just learn to embrace any change or any opportunity that comes your way, better understanding of people and their opinions helps through the year. There might be some dark days when goodness is obscured from you. Do not lose hope, instead follow your dreams and pursue your interests. Your introvert nature might come in way of your networking these days. This is a good time to change your perspective of life. In general, this would be a year when almost all walks of your life would be blessed, in particular your health stands to get rejuvenated.

Major changes are coming your way this year, Libra.

Libra Men would find the year 2024 to be a period of great beginnings. Some of your past work starts to pay off and you get to eat the fruits of your past years’ labor. This is also a good time to spring into action towards your goals. You have a natural penchant to do better in life and this year is no exception. Stay positive and tread ahead with full confidence that things are going to be in your favour.

2024 would be quite an exciting year for Libra women. You would be bestowed with luck and fortune this year. This would be an excellent time to plan for a baby if that has been on your mind lately. Those who aspire to excel in services or business would also find the period ripe enough for the same. Through the year, Libra women might encounter relationship issues with in-laws, they ought to learn to sort it out with ease.

With the planets in favour of you, this is a great time to show your skills and talents to the outside world, Libra. You can prove your mettle now, as opportunities keep coming towards you from all quarters. Show the world your true strength now.

Health Predictions

Libras are promised with good health and cheer for the year 2024. Though there would be goodness, you are not to take it in a lighter vein, constant monitoring of health is advised for the period. Compromising on lifestyle and diet practices would have serious consequences on the health of Virgo this year. Through the year, natives stand to get seasonal allergies and cold, but there would not be any major impacts on life. Do always remember that prevention is better than cure.

Though there would be no major health concerns, general energy levels would be low for the year.

The first half of the year might bring in sluggish demeanor owing to low energy levels for some of you Libras. Some natives are likely to suffer from stomach and nervous issues. Follow good physical regimen and a balance diet all these days. Though no major health concerns are forecast for the year, natives ought to take good care of the health of themselves and that of their family members. There might be unwanted medical expenditure at times. Let not your physical weakness spoil your mental health, resort to meditation and other spiritual practices to stay in good spirits all through the year.

Education and Career Prospects

2024 would be beneficial for Libra students. They would be able to focus or concentrate on their studies and perform well through the year. They would get the good support of their teachers, fellow students and family to pursue their aspirations. Some are likely to go abroad for further pursing their research works. Through the year, you would be blessed with much energy and encouragement and to keep going. Indeed this is one of the splendid years for Libra natives in recent times for their academics. Stay on course, focus deeply and success would come without much asking this year.

The career prospects of Libras would have many ups and downs through 2024. Major challenges and changes come your way, just embrace them with ease, these opportunities would be teaching you important life lessons. For some Libras career might come in way of their personal life marring relationships. Always set your priorities right and communicate your life ambitions to partner, this would solve any sort of professional and personal rift. Do not stress yourself too much on the career front, it would have serious consequences on your mental and physical health.

Get ready for an action-packed career ride…

Libras into business would fare well. You get to shine, your skillset and talents would be brought to the fore when channelled properly. Hard work and commitment would give its own rewards as the year progresses on. Always get the good advice of elders and peers in work place. Take occasional breaks from work. As the year starts, there seems to be not much happening in the career front. Things shall slowly start to shake up as the year moves on. Some Libras have the potential to start their own ventures this year. Major breakthroughs on the anvil, however let not success go to your head, stay grounded as always. If you are looking for a job switch or relocation, then do it now. Despite your goals, this is gonna be an eventful year for Libras.

Love and Family Relationships

The planets for the year 2024 point to some loss of domestic welfare and happiness for Libras. There might be occasional conflicts and misunderstandings in the family. Though siblings would be in good state of affairs, health of parents might ask for some attention. Particularly those married might see some stress in their lives owing to troubled relationship with in-laws. Mars might impede with your family life through this year. However children if any at home would earn you name and fame. Much luck and fortune shall befall your household these days. You would spend ample time with family by means of travel for fun and adventure. Expansion of family on the cards for some Libras by the birth of a child or marriage. Family members would be highly supportive of your professional endeavours this year. Love and affection abound and cordial relationship is assured by some effort and commitment on your part. In general, this would be an average year for your family life with occasional moments of doubts and unhappiness, however stability is promised.

Libras are promised with one of the best years in their love and marriage spheres in recent years. If single, you might get proposed by the love of your life this period, get ready to get married and live life to your terms. Now is the time when you encounter some beautiful moments in your love life. This is also a period of renewal for all those who are married or committed. As the year progresses, your relationships start to evolve and bloom in your favour. There would be lots of positive energy and optimism around. Always strive for a balanced approach towards emotions and romance in your relationships this year. Occasionally natives feel some threats in love and marriage. But then those moments bring you further closer yo your partner than you had imagined.

This would be one of the best years in recent times with regard to your love and marriage prospects.

Single Libras would have a positive period with them being attracted to multiple partners. Love would come from the most unexpected quarters and you would land in a totally compatible partner’s arms. You would have a strong sense of partnership with your lover or spouse these days. The married ones are likely to face some challenges this year, but this will help you to grow stronger together by the day. Just keep your hearts and minds open for exciting relationships, Libra. Do strike a good balance between your personal needs and the needs of your partner. Overall this is going to be a positive year for the relationship prospects of Libras.

Financial Overview

The year ahead promises to be a year of bounty for the finances of Libras. Through the year your financial power would be great and mostly in favour of you. You would be able to make some good investments for your financial future. As the year progresses, Libras would be gradually able to achieve their financial goals one by one. Some natives are likely to get better financial inflow owing to real estate deals and by way of inheritance. But then they are advised to avoid any sort of indulgences owing to much finances at hand. This is a promising year for Libras in terms of finances and they are assured of abundance and better financial growth. Stay focused, save ample resources and be financially disciplined through the year. Libras are likely to see a great surge of finances around mid-year. Some of them can expect a downpour. Be mindful of your finances and lay strong foundations for a financially better tomorrow. The end of the year might bring about expenditure related to marriages and medical treatments, be prepared to handle the same.

It would be raining money for Libra this year.

If you have to buy or sell property then this year is favourable for the same. Libras would find better financial stability by way of buying or selling for now and there are plenty of opportunities in store for them. Get proper advise, plan diligently and then you could gain by both buying or selling of your landed property in 2024.

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