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Leo is a fixed, fire sign that is known for drama and demanding nature. They lead a royal, larger than life style. They are radiant always gleaming with much energy. They always tend to lead the pride.

The season of Leo starts on July 22 and ends on the 22nd of August every year. During every season, all the zodiac signs get the amplified energy level of that particular season the Sun is treading through. On the 22nd of July, the Sun shifts position from the emotional Cancer to the royal Leo. This is a season that pushes us towards hogging the limelight. This is a time of strong ego and pride, where we would walk tall with an air of regal.

Here’s what the zodiac signs would go through the Leo season:


Through this Leo season, Aries personalities would be seeing the Sun transit through their 5th house of love and creativity. This is a time for them to enjoy good times with their love and follow their passions. You would have regal connections for the period. With the fiery Sun through your fiery territory, do expect some fireworks around too.


Taurus folks would have the Sun transiting through their 4th house of home for the Leo season. A good time to flaunt your wares and possessions, Taurus. You can also arrange for get-togethers and backyard parties with your loved ones as summer moves on. Enjoy the good things that life offers for you.


For the Leo season, Geminis would be seeing the Sun through their 3rd house of communications. This season also emphasises sibling relationship. This would be a good time to talk to your heart’s content. Try to connect with your loved ones particularly siblings in a more better way.


The Sun is through the 2 nd house of finances for Cancer natives for the Leo season. And this would be the season to save or invest your resources. To bank on your money or to fund your dream home or project. You are in for a financial revamp this Leo season.


With the Sun in your sign for this season, you would be full of charm and majesty these days. But do not let pride go to your head. Carry yourself with ease and let others share your limelight as well. You would be attracting people by your charm.


During the Leo season, the Sun treads through the 12th house for the Virgins. This is the house of the subconscious and the Sun is said to be quite weak when in Leo. Virgos might have some troubles in paternal relationships for the season. Your tempers flare-up and you might be critical in your relationships. Tread on softly and lay low for the season.


The Sun transits through the 11th house of friendships for Libras during the Leo season. You strive to bring about a balance in your friendships and you might be vying to get attention. Do offer your opinion to others around rather than weighing the pros and cons of the situation.


Scorpios would have the Sun move through their 10th house of career for this season. The Sun is said to be strongly placed when in Scorpio. Though you prefer to be in the back bench, the universe guides you to make your presence felt this season. You would perform well in your career and would climb up the corporate ladder.


The Sun would be in the 9th house of higher learning and paternal connections for the Sages during the Leo season. This would be a good time to pursue reading and to garner much knowledge. Also do resort to strengthen your paternal ties around this season.


This Leo season, the Sun transits through the 8th house of deep secrets for the Capricorns. This would improve your intimacy with partner, despite you being so conservative. This is a time to be flexible around in relationships and find ways for self-development. Your sexual life is up for a treat these days.


With the Sun in the 7th house of marriage and partnerships, Aquarians are in for some drama in these areas with the advent of the Leo season. There would be some fire and passion in your relationships. Your humane nature comes to the fore and you might earn some laurels as well for your social works around this time.


For Pisces people, the Sun would be through their 6th house of health and welfare. This would give these folks much energy to stay physically active. With your artistic nature coming to ply, this would be a good time to combine health and artistic pursuits. If you are not hitting the physical arena, this would be the season to start pursuing the same.

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