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Findyourfate   .   21 Nov 2023   .   4 mins read

As we exit the Scorpio season and enter the season of Sagittarius, the days get shorter and colder. This is a season when it brings out the Sagittarian traits in each one of us. The Sagittarius season is a time of harvest, family get-togethers, socializing and thanksgiving. The season slowly changes from autumn to winter and is a good time to cuddle with your family and loved ones.

The Sagittarius season starts on the 22 nd of November and ends on the 21 st of December every year. Sagittarius is the 9 th sign in the zodiac line-up and the Sages are known for their adventurous and optimistic nature. Jupiter rules over the sign of Sagittarius which is a fire sign and brings out the explorer in us as the Sun treads through the sign. This period inspires us, make us more passionate and encourages us to tread beyond our comfort zones.

Here's how the Sagittarius season tends to influence the 12 zodiac signs:


The Sun travels through the 9th house for Aries folks during the Sagittarius season. This brings the focus on prosperity, paternal relationships and higher studies. This is a time for these fiery folks to work on their personal growth. A good time to expand your skills. You would be asked to come out of your comfort zone and charge yourself. Getting yourself in a party-mood would be a good bet for this season.


As the Sun treads through the 8th house for Taurus people, the Sagittarius season sets in. This might impact the social life of Taurus people quite negatively. However, your personal relationship gets enhanced. This is a season when Taurus people need to concentrate on their own interests rather than resorting to the needs of others. Chill out this season, bull.


The Sagittarius season would see the Sun through the 7th house for Gemini folks. This might meddle with your personal relationships, particularly love and marriage for the season. It might make you to act impulsively as well which might not end up well for you. This season urges the Geminis to have self-control, else things might go hay wire.


This season, Cancers would have the Sun through their 6th house of Sagittarius. This brings the focus on to your nurturing nature. There might be a sense of discomfort for you around this time, people might utilize you, and trust issues arise. This is a good time to start prioritising you and you alone, Cancer.


The Sun is through your 5th house of Sagittarius, yet another fire sign. And this brings about much happiness with the family by your side and your social side being uplifted. Leos stand to get attracted to potential Sages during this season. It would be a smooth sailing in your relationship area for the season.


This Sagittarius season as always, the Sun would be travelling through the 4th house of domestic life for the Virgos. This is a time for home renovation and repairs. A good time for some personal transformations as well. You would have the energy to just deep clean just about anything around you and that might be your mind as well.


Libras would see the Sun through the 3rd house during the Sagittarius season. This season is all about enhancing your social life. A good time for personal reflection and retrospection as well. Engage yourself in some productive ventures for the season. Get to connect yourself locally.


Scorpios would have the Sun treading through their 2nd house of finances as the Sagittarius season sets in. So, the focus shifts to your finances. Be patient and optimistic and stay frugal, any type of indulgence might prove to be wrongful. This is the ideal time to invest or park your funds in some safe instruments.


Happy birthday Sage. The Sun is through your sign and you stand to steal the limelight this season. Expect some major transitions in your life for now. You would be more fortunate or lucky now. Expand your horizon and venture out on adventure trips. A good time to show your gratitude.


The Caps would see the Sun in their 12th house this Sagittarius season. This brings the focus on your hidden talents. You would gain a new perspective on life and your thought process expands. A good time to plan for some outdoor trips. Get out of your comfort zone and take on a challenge head-on.


For the Sagittarius season, the Aquarius people would have the Sun through their 11th house of gains. This brings the emphasis on your friendly relationships and social links. Get help from outside when you genuinely need it. This is a season when you can accomplish your goals quite easily.


Pisces folks would have the Sun through their 10th house of career during the Sagittarius season. This brings the focus on your career side of life. Natives also stand to rejuvenate themselves spiritually. A good time to rely on mentors or therapists to guide you in your life journey.

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