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Libra season indicates the travel of the Sun through the zodiac sign of Libra which starts from the 23 rd of September and ends on 22 nd October every year. Libra is a social sign being ruled over by Venus. This is a cardinal and air sign. Hence during the Libra season we would be more drawn towards beautiful things in life. The Libra season also marks the end of the Summer and the start of the Fall or Autumn season in the northern hemisphere. September 23 rd , the start of the Libra season also marks the Fall Equinox when the day and night are of equal duration.

What happens during the Libra season:

Libra is represented by the Scales or the Balance. Did you know that Libra is the only zodiac sign that is represented by an inanimate object? During the Libra season we would be evaluating what a balanced life means. Libra lies halfway through the zodiac cycle, and hence is a great season to find out what is needed and what is not needed for your life, a good time to reflect.

  • We would reach out for consensus in a hitherto conflicting situation.
  • This is a good time to decide on important life matters.
  • Libra season is a time to reflect on our partnerships in personal and
  • professional life.
  • This season guides us to appreciate art around us.
  • This is a time for self-reflection or introspection.
  • This is a season that helps to nurture our relationships.
  • A time for diplomacy and compromise.

Libra season: What the zodiac signs can expect this season:

During the Libra season, each astrological sign may experience certain influences, here’s how the signs get impacted.


During the Libra season, the Sun would be through the 7 th house of relationship for the Aries. This is a time for the high-energy Aries folks to rest and rejuvenate themselves. Do not bite more than you can chew. A period when you should live just for yourself and not for others. Around this season, you would be learning more about your partner, but stay away from taking any impulsive decisions for now.


Taurus folks would see the Sun through their 6 th house during the Libra season. This is a good time to start getting organized. Plan your days and remove all bumps around. The ideal time to find out what makes you really happy and satisfied in life and pursue the same. This is the season that helps you to make yourself more productive in life. Work and general health get more emphasis during the Libra season for the grounded Taurus.


The Sun moves through the 5 th house of children, love and speculation for the Geminis. This brings about what is more important for you in life. You would be now opening yourself to your partner and friend this season. Listen to your intuition, your body as well. This is a great time to get healed, Gemini. Pay attention to children if any in life.


Cancers would have the Sun through their 4 th house of domestic welfare and maternal connections this Libra season. This is a time when they can go on for a renovation of their home. Get rid of things that are not useful to you anymore and that applies to people as well. Get a better perspective of life and lean on your loved ones when it is tough around. Be careful of how and what you communicate this Libra season.


During the season of Libra, the Sun moves through the 3 rd house of Libra for the Leo folks. This is the house of communication and short travels. You would be more bent on your relationships these days. And would learn how to get your point across the table. Focus on whatever you are pursuing, you get some good connections and positive vibes this season.


The Sun has just moved out of your sign and into your 2 nd house of family and finances this Libra season. Now things get a bit clearer around and after you being in the spotlight for quite sometime. This is a time for self-reflection. Your finances improve, but do not indulge. Be ready to accept changes coming your way this season. A good time to set your boundaries as well in life.


Happy birthday Libra. The Sun is in your sign, it illuminates you and you would be at your best this season. This would be a travel of self-discovery for the Libras. Find out what makes you tick in life. This is a time when you ought to pursue anything that brings joy for you. You would be at your creative best. Try to inspire people around and strive for justice and harmony as always.


For Scorpios, the Sun is through their 12 th house during the season of Libra. With the Sun readying for its entry into your sign, you might find your hands full. Take a step back and reflect on what changes are needed in your life. Sometimes you might feel a bit awkward and things might not have happened the way you intended them to be. Stay low and take one step at a time.


The Sages would have the Sun traversing through their 11 th house of friends and gains this Libra season. Use this season to reflect on your life’s goal and purpose. You might be asked to push harder, but take it slow. There is scope for much growth this season. Be aware of how you communicate with others. This is a time for healing and fun too.


During the Libra season, the Capricorns would have the Sun through their 10 th house of career. This brings the spotlight on the Caps. Their leadership comes to focus and they would be given more responsibilities. Set your boundaries right, do not brood over your past. Certain things might restrict your growth, find the means to weed these off. Do not let your emotions rule the roost for now.


The Sun transits through the 9 th house for the Aquarians this Libra season. This season calls you to just get out of your comfort zone. Not a time to dream but to act based on reality. Refect on your energy levels and how you would cope up for the future. There would be a tsunami of emotions. Do try to strike a balance in your personal and professional sphere this Libra season.


Pisces folks would have the Sun through their 8 th house of Libra this season. This might make you to retreat, far away from the mad crowd. You would like to learn more about yourself. But do rely on your loved ones for support and guidance when things are low. You would get a clear picture then. This is a time to spruce up your home as well.

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