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If the notion of divorce has crossed your mind considering the current situation of your marriage, then you are not alone. Dozens of people go through the same pain.All they need is a way to see whether their marriage is going to work or not so they don't have to go through all this, or at least they can somehow fix the problem. The way is right in front of you, "Astrology".

Yes, you heard it right; you can predict divorce with the help of planets and stars, so let's give you a sneak peek at how you can potentially predict divorce by reading planets and houses. You need to get all the following houses checked by your astrologer to ensure that your future does not hold a divorce for you. 

6th house

Yes, astrology-lovers, you can literally predict your divorce by simply seeing the condition of your 6th house. If your 6th house is present in the 7th house, then you should be aware that you will get divorced, that too after a lengthy judicial trial.

Also, if the 6th house is under the influence of Venus, you should know that it is also a prediction of divorce, and your marriage is not going to work. Another possible scenario to predict divorce is to see if your 4th and 6th house lords are together or not, and if they are joined together, then divorce is apparent; if not, you are in the safe zone.

7th house

As you might have had an idea on how important the 7th house is for your happy married life, if anything is going on with it, that will affect your married life pretty severely. If lord of the 7th house is present in the 6th house, it will undoubtedly result in divorce, or even if the God of the 7th house is just weak, it also boosts the chances of getting a divorce or a big ugly fight.

In short, any lousy influence or alteration with the 7th house is going to affect your marriage one way or another. So, if this situation is going on with your 7th house, then it is a red flag that you will get divorced in the future. Astrology predicts everything if only we listen to it. 

8th House

8th house is quite evil and is usually a common cause of divorces, so you can easily predict divorce through it. Predicting divorce through reading the 8th house is also quite helpful. In case lord of the 4th house is present in or is influencing the 8th house, it will bring obstacles to your wedding. You will end up getting divorced, so it is better to give your horoscope a good read before getting into marriage.

Also, if any of the planets like Mars, Saturn or Venus influence the 8th house, it will also bring problems to the wedding and predict possible divorce in the future.

12th house

The 12th house is a black sheep because even though it is not given much credit but it does cause a lot of chaos in a marriage. If your 12th house or even the lord of your 12th house is weak or distressed, then you are certainly not going to have a pleasurable sexual life.

It kills your sexual drive, and you no longer feel interested in intimation, so it gives your partner a substantial reason for divorce. Thus, if you donot want to go through this situation, make sure you give your horoscope to the astrologer so that he can analyze your 12th house and predict whether you are going to have a happy marriage or not. 

Upapada Lagna

Make sure you get your 2nd house of Upapada Lagna checked and tell your astrologer to analyze it properly, just in case. If the 2nd house has an influence of any marriage-hating planet like Saturn or Mars, the marriage will not thrive and will break soon. So, it is better to have these problems tackled before you get married.


If you have gotten married or are about to get married, make sure to get your horoscope checked by an astrologer to eliminate every chance of a failed marriage. You can solve the majority of the problems of planets, so you don't have to lose hope as long as you want to be with your spouse. Have a happy marriage. 

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