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Every month, the Moon comes in between the Earth and the Sun once. Around this time, only the backside of the Moon gets the light of the Sun and up from here, the Moon seems dark and hence is called a New Moon. 

New Moons are perfectly dark and mark new beginnings. In astrology, New Moons indicate a fresh start from which new things sprout. New Moons are the seeding phase and from now on the Moon gets more visible as the days pass by, in other words the Moon starts to wax. 

When the luminaries, the Sun and the Moon meet at the same degree in the zodiac sign or when they are in exact conjunction (0 deg), a New Moon occurs. The New Moon is the first phase of every lunar phase that spreads over 29.5 days duration, say roughly a month. 

There would be 12 New Moon for the year 2023. Here are the New Moons lined up for the year 2023, with the exact timings in Eastern time and the zodiac sign they occur.

January 21 (3:53 PM): Aquarius

February 20 (2:05 AM): Pisces

March 21 (1:22 PM): Aries 

April 20 (12:13 AM): Aries (solar eclipse)

May 19 (11:53 AM): Taurus

June 18 (12:36 AM): Gemini

July 17 (2:31 PM): Cancer

August 16 (5:38 AM): Leo

September 14 (9:39 PM): Virgo

October 14 (1:55 PM): Libra (solar eclipse)

November 13 (4:27 AM): Scorpio

December 12 (6:32 PM): Sagittarius

Note:  time in  ET (New York)

New Moons  in 2023 by Month

January 21, 2023  - New Moon in Aquarius-  Snow Moon

The New Moon for the month of January occurs on the 21st  in the Air sign of Aquarius. This is the first New for the year 2023 and is also called as the Snow Moon. This New Moon favors the starting of anything new for the year and hence ideal for making some plans and 

Aquarius is a social sign and is more bent towards humanitarian or social causes. This New Moon would support all community based works and social and charity works are highly favored around this day.  

Shortly following the New Moon would be the Chinese New Year of the Rabbit on the 22nd of January after a year long celebration of the Tiger. 

February 20, 2023-  New Moon in Pisces- Worm Moon

This is the second New Moon for the year 2023 and occurs in the dreamy sign of Pisces. It is also called as Worm Moon. The New Moon in the watery sign of Pisces would make us dream wild and fantasize about things yet to come in our lives.  The New Moon in Pisces also forebodes our spiritual pursuits. Lay low, and look to your inner self and intuition for support and inspiration. 

The New Moon in Pisces helps us in our creative moves as well. A good time to while away our time with the harsh winter around. The Moon in Pisces imbibes compassion in our spirits and guides us towards nurturing or caring for others. However do not let others take advantage of your vulnerability around the day. Learn to say no when you cannot handle it any more. The New Moon would inspire us to bring our wishes and desire to the fore.

March 21, 2023- New Moon in AriesPink Moon

The New Moon for March 2023, happens on the 21st  of March at 01:23 ET in the fiery sign of Aries. The day before would have been the Spring Equinox. This would be the third New Moon in 2023.  This New Moon in Aries initiates our drive to achieve our ambitions and goals. You would be full of energy  and drive with the Moon in Aries. 

A rare occurrence to behold is that, the ensuing new Moon of April would also happen in Aries and that would be a solar eclipse. Hence this New Moon is an ideal day to jump start your personal and  professional wishes.  Plan for your future and let your visions take root. The New Moon would also get into conjunction with Mercury when your communication and relationships further get enhanced this day.

April 20, 2023- New Moon in Aries- Flower Moon

In April, the New Moon is found in the fire sign of Aries yet again as it was in the month of March.   This would be the fourth New Moon in 2023 and is called the Flower New Moon. This also happens to be a Solar eclipse. 

This New Moon in Aries again indicates a fresh start. The solar eclipse in Aries is one that has been in the sign after almost a decade or so and hence forebodes goodness, brings about major changes around for the next 6 months period. The New Moon would ask you to shed off your old self and look for avenues that are quite new. 

May 19, 2023-  New Moon in Taurus- Strawberry Moon

The fifth New Moon of the year 2023 occurs in the earthy sign of Taurus on the 19th of May at 11:53 AM , ET and is called as the strawberry New Moon.  Do note that this is the only New Moon that happens in the earthy sign of Taurus for the year .  The New Moon takes you to the basics of life, to connect to the earth and advises you to remain stable.

The New Moon in Taurus, guides you to go slow, take one step at a time, and savour the goodness that life has to offer. Be practical, devise a budget plan and stick to it, as financial over-dues might affect you. This New Moon is an ideal time to start an important life altering session, it might be giving up a bad habit or just starting to take a morning stroll. Whatever it is, be consistent in your plans.

June 18, 2023- New Moon in Gemini- Buck Moon

The New Moon for June 2023 occurs in the dual sign of Gemini on the 18th and the time would be 12:37 AM ET or 04:37 AM UTC.  This is also called as the Buck Moon. This would be the 6th New Moon in 2023. 

This New Moon in the communicative sign of Gemini improve your social life and you would be able to make new partners in your personal and professional areas. Do get out and connect with family and friends. However be cautious when you enter into some long term commitments. The New moon might lead you astray. Look up to a person who would be trustworthy in times of troubles.

July 17, 2023- New Moon in Cancer- Sturgeon Moon

The 7th New Moon in 2023 would be on the 17th of July at 02:32 PM ET or 06:32 PM UTC. It occurs in the zodiac sign of Cancer and is also called as the Sturgeon Moon.  This would bring the nurturing spirit or energy to the fore, an important Cancerian trait.  A day which asks us to focus more on our relationship with our family and bring about security to our dependents. 

However this New Moon might also drain you mentally and emotionally after lot of giving. It is high time, you live for your yourself, pamper yourself and indulge in self care routines for the day.  Head out to water-based adventure areas that would rejuvenate your spirits. The New Moon in Cancer also guides us in de-cluttering on a material level or pruning if relationships are concerned.

August 16, 2023- New Moon in Leo- Blue Moon

In August, the New Moon takes place on the 16th at 05:38 AM ET or 09:38 AM UTC. This would be the 8th New Moon for the year and is also called as a Blue Moon. It takes place in the zodiac sign of Leo.

Of late you would have retracted into yourself, but this New Moon in Leo guides you in opening up. This is an ideal time to put yourself and your talents or skills into the limelight. Do allocate ample time for play as well as All work and No play would make you dull, especially around the New Moon. Taking occasional breaks in fact rejuvenates you. 

September 14, 2023- New Moon in Virgo- Harvest Moon

The 9th New Moon lined up for the year 2023 happens on the 14th of September at 09:40 PM EST or 01:40 AM UTC. This New Moon takes place in the sign of Virgo and is also called as the Harvest Moon. 

The New Moon brings about some good positive energy around, there would be much luck and fortune, however you would be asked to make some changes or edits. This would be a good time to stick to a budget, connect to the earth and resort to some healthy life altering decisions. Though you might be surrounded by chaos, the New Moon would help you to remain calm and composed and do your groundwork.

October 14, 2023- New Moon in Libra (Solar Eclipse)- Hunter’s Moon

In October 2023 there would be a New Moon on the 14th  at 01:55 PM ET or 05:55 PM UTC in the zodiac sign of Libra. This New Moon is also called as the Hunter’s Moon and would be an annular Solar Eclipse. This solar eclipse is likely to bring about major changes in our lives for the next 6 month window period.

The New Moon in Libra would bring about some fruitful co-operative deals in your life. It might be in your personal or professional lives, bringing in an ideal person who would compliment you. This New Moon would be in close quarters with Mercury improving your communication skills as well. The Moon would also make sure that you keep out of toxic people around.

November 13, 2023- New Moon in Scorpio- Beaver Moon

In November 2023, the New Moon occurs in the zodiac sign of Scorpio on the 13th at 04:27 AM ET or 09:27 AM UTC. This New Moon is also called as the Beaver Moon. This would be the last but one New Moon for the year 2023. 

The New Moon in Scorpio brings about new starts in your financial and spiritual side. Anything that you start on this New Moon would help you to grow through the year and take you to new places. The New Moon in Scorpio brings your finances to focus with much resources coming your way around this day.  However beware of fraudulent schemes going their rounds all along. And aggressive Mars around might compel you to be impatient with your moves, go it slow.

December 12, 2023- New Moon in Sagittarius- Cold Moon

The last New Moon of 2023 occurs on the 12th of December at 06:32 PM ET or 11:32 PM UTC. This is also called as the Cold Moon being through the winter season and it occurs in the fiery sign of Sagittarius. 

The New Moon in Sagittarius encourages you to come out of your shell and to go on unchartered territory. An important day when you can plan for a future travel or adventure. Mars in close proximity might involve you in hasty decisions, beware. Chiron would be in trine with this New Moon and would guide you in healing people with emotional wounds. Stay grounded around this day as the energy levels would be erratic and impulsive with Neptune in square aspect with the New Moon.

Full Moons in 2023

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