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Your Dominant Planet

In astrology, it is usually conceived that the Sun sign or the ruling planet or the ruler of the Ascendant dominates the scene. However, it is not always so. Sometimes the dominant planet is different from the  ruling planet. 

The dominant planet gives more information about you and your personality and this provides the maximum energy that keeps you going in life. The dominant planet is responsible for understanding yourself, how your relate to others and how your mood is. The dominant planet would be working beneath the surface always.

It is a bit tough to find one’s dominant planet as its based on the full natal chart. In general, the dominant planets have many aspects to them, they would placed in prominent positions in the chart and would be conjunct with the Ascendant or midheaven. The dominant planet gives the most influence in a natal chart. However the effects of the dominant planet would not be found always on the outward because it’s energy is more pronounced towards the inner side of the native.

How to find your dominant planet

The dominant planet is not a point to be located easily in the natal chart much like the Ascendant or the Midheaven. It can be a single planet or a group of planets that have the most aspects in the chart. Once a chart has been cast, there are specific rules to find out the most dominant planet. They are: 

Planet conjunct the Midheaven or Ascendant

If there is a planet that is in conjunction with the Ascendant or the midheaven in the natal chart then that is your most dominant planet as it is a very powerful force to reckon with.

Multiple placements in a house

If the  Ascendant, Midheaven, and the Moon sign or the Sun sign all lie in a particular zodiac house then its ruler obviously becomes the dominant planet for the case.

Stellium in the natal chart

When there are more than three planets in a particular sign then this occurrence is called as Stellium. Then the ruler of the house becomes the dominant planet.

Check if you have a Stellium

House placements

When in a natal chart, more than five planets are found posited in a particular house, then its ruler is said to be the dominant planet for the native.

Based on the above inferences, the dominant planet for a person can be found. The dominant planet can be either of the luminaries, the Sun or the Moon and the other planets of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto. 

The Dominant planet meanings

Sun - dominant planet

Got Sun as your dominant planet, then you are a person who has the qualities of the Sun and its zodiac house of Leo. You always like to hog the limelight and be the centre-piece. You think big, is very bold and would be a leader. You radiate goodness around. 

Moon - dominant planet

If you have Moon as your dominant planet, then you take on the qualities of the Moon and its zodiac sign of Cancer. You would be very emotional and romantic, artistic, full of feelings and would be interested in the occult sciences.

Mercury - dominant planet

If Mercury is your dominant planet then, you would be more bend on effective communication. Talking becomes your forte and your mind rules over you. You would be very intelligent and would be a chatter box, connecting with even strangers easily and seamlessly.

Venus - dominant planet

When Venus is the dominant planet, the native would be very charming, beautiful and attractive. You attract friends and potential partners by your grace and charm. The good things in life are just drawn to you with ease.

Mars - dominant planet

When Mars, the fiery planet becomes one’s dominant planet, then he or she would be very bold, impulsive with much self confidence. They would go after what they want in life and would be always successful. You are very passionate but arrogant at times too.

Jupiter - dominant planet

If Jupiter, the planet of expansion and luck is the dominant planet, then the native would be very lucky in life. They would be very optimistic, and some would be more philosophical and spiritual. You always like to do things in a better way.

Saturn - dominant planet

When Saturn becomes the dominant planet, the native would be more towards hard work and discipline in life. They do not bend or break the law. They are very faithful , loyal and committed to whatever they do in personal and professional life.

Uranus - dominant planet

Uranus as the dominant planet makes the native very intelligent and a misfit in the society due to the same. This is because they have radical thoughts and ideas far away from the herd mentality. They always yearn to learn something new and do not settle for anything else in life.

Neptune - dominant planet

When Neptune becomes the dominant planet in a natal chart, the native would imbibe the qualities of the zodiac sign of Pisces. They would be usually very dreamy, emotional and psychic. They are highly sensitive, love is very essential for them as much as the value or approval from others. 

Pluto - dominant planet

If Pluto gets to become the dominant planet, then it makes the native very intense in nature. Your feelings, desire for knowledge and intelligence are always very deep. Natives have a different way of understanding life much against the layman thoughts.

Get your natal chart to find your dominant planets

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