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Findyourfate   .   24 Jun 2023   .   5 mins read

Eris is a slow moving dwarf planet that was discovered in 2005. It is found far beyond the planet of Neptune and is hence said to be a Trans-Neptunian Object. It was also called as Planet X or Xena and then was named Eris after the brother of Mars. Eris is known as the Goddess of Strife or discord. It stands for discontent, aggression, war, anger and assertiveness. It takes around 560 years to go once around the zodiac sky. Hence its position in the houses and the aspect it makes are very important. Eros is the counterpart of Eris. Eris in mythology is said to constitute the divine feminine energy of rightful anger.

Eris has been given the asteroid number of 136199 and its nature is to rebel much against established societal norms. It denotes our inner voice that simply does not bend or submit to the outside voice. It denotes discord but in a constructive way. Asteroid Eris is all about chaos, when placed in the 4th house indicates a chaotic domestic life, in the 5th, the native would seem scary to his or her children and when in the 7th indicates a chaotic love life.

Eris has been in the sign of Aries from 1926 and would be there till 2048 and hence almost all those walking on planet earth for now would have their Eris posited in the sign of Aries only. The position of Eris in your natal chart indicates how and where in life you express your rebellious side. Check out your Eris sign position and how it affects your life.

Eris in the Signs/ Eris in the Houses

Eris in Aries / Eris in 1st House:

With Eris placed in the sign of Aries or the 1st house of your birth chart, all you have to just trust yourself. You might be different from others in opinions and ideals and this might cause you lot of worries and anxieties, at times you feel that you are drifting away from your community. Eris guides you to be off-track from your society. Eris is currently in the sign of Aries and it indicates that the natives are aware of their desires and challenges and would oppose anything that opposes them.

Eris in Taurus / Eris in 2nd house

You have Eris placed in the sign of  Taurus  or your 2nd house and this is the house of finance and resources. With this placement you have a different way of using your resources. You would share your resources with others which at times might not get into good books. Eris in the 2nd house might induce you to use your resources to get to the top of your societal hierarchy at times, mostly in a tricky way.

Eris in Gemini / Eris in 3rd House

When Eris is placed in the sign of Gemini or the 3rd house of communications, then you would be able to raise your voice against any societal discords. You would voice your opinions when something is not in the interest of the society. However, do refrain from forcing your opinion on others, you might make enemies in the process.

Eris in Cancer / Eris in 4th house

Eris placed in the sign of Cancer or the 4th house of domestic life indicates how your past plays with your present course of life. You would apply life lessons of your childhood in your present situation to avoid troubles. Else you might land yourself in the shoes of your parents.

Eris in Leo / Eris in 5th house

When Eris is found placed in the sign of Leo or your 5th house of love and creativity, you would be inspired to share your views and influence your audience by your writing, music, or any other art form. Eris helps you in properly channelling your talents towards the upliftment of your society.

Eris in Virgo / Eris in  6th house

When Eris sits in your 6th house or in the  sign of Virgo in your natal chart then it has to do with your health-related moves. It helps you challenge those that take health decisions for you. Some natives might suffer health concerns due to mismanagement of their illnesses, do note that only you have a say over your health.

Eris in Libra / Eris in 7th house

Got Eris placed in your 7th house or in the sign of Libra, then it would deal with how you work in a team. There might be imbalance of power in your relationship. There might be trouble finding a partner for your personal and professional interests. Any conventional approach would land you in trouble.

Eris in Scorpio / Eris in 8th house

Eris placed in the 8th house or the sign of Scorpio means it is in the house of sex, death and transformations. This placement points out that you might need to deal with people who might plunder your resources. Particularly you would have trouble handling property or resources that come by way of inheritance and insurance. Natives with this placement of Eris would also have sexual dissatisfactions.

Eris in Sagittarius / Eris in 9th house

When Eris is found placed in the sign of Sagittarius or the 9th house of travel and education, then natives would experience unconventional modes in these areas. You would find it difficult to cope with the regular mode of education. Also, you would love to travel to places where you find inequality among people, the elite locations do not draw you.

Eris in Capricorn / Eris in 10th house

If you have Eris posited in the sign of Capricorn or in the 10th house of career and power in your natal chart then you would have the ability to look after those that are less-privileged than you. You do not believe in survival  of  the fittest and would be a person who tends to other people in need.

Eris in Aquarius / Eris in 11th house

If Eris is placed in the sign of Aquarius or the 11th house of friends, then you would play a co-operative role in your societal group. At times you might feel being distanced by your group.  However, you would have the opportunity to get back and fit in the group and teach your fellows about comradeship.

Eris in Pisces / Eris in 12th house

When Eris is placed in the sign of Pisces or the 12th house of your natal chart this has to be with your spirituality and higher self.  You would prove to be honest, with much wisdom and a prophetic talent. Many with this placement get enlightened and get connected to the higher realms of life. However, you may not be understood by those around and might strike a discordant note.

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