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Findyourfate   .   20 Dec 2021   .   3 mins read

Traditionally the western astrology, Indian astrology, and many other astrologers believe that only twelve zodiac signs exist, namely Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. However, Steven Schmidt’s provided an idea that there are more than twelve-star signs. According to him, there are fourteen zodiac signs and thus, fourteen personality types. Recently NASA confirmed his ideas and said that there are fourteen zodiac signs. Thus, Cetus and Ouphicious were added to the zodiac chart.

Mythology associated with Cetus

Cetus is the fourth largest constellation of stars. Cetus is traditionally recognized as a sea monster. The myth famously associated with Cetus is that he was a monster sent to destroy the kingdom of Cepheus because his wife had claimed that she is prettier than the sea god Poseidon and the sea nymphs. An oracle suggested to the king that he shall sacrifice his young daughter and let the Cetus eat her alive. Hence, Andromeda was tied to a rock near the coast for Cetus to eat her. However, luckily Perseus, son of Zeus, was flying from above. He saw the princess and instantly fell in love with her. Thus, he killed the Cetus and saved her.

Cetus as a zodiac sign

Cetus has been added as the first zodiac sign of the zodiac chart and Aries has been moved to the second. Cetus falls between Pisces and Aries. It rules from 21 March to 28 March, for seven days only. This zodiac was added to the zodiac chart because people born from 21 March to 28 March portray different traits than Aries. They are a mixture of Pisces and Aries personality traits. The element of the Cetus is fire as it is a sea monster, and monsters can be easily flared. Some call Cetus a monster with a head, tail, and paws. Meanwhile, others call it a giant sea whale.

Meanwhile, the planet ruling the Cetus is Pluto. Pluto is associated with rebirth, transformation, and regeneration. Cetus was a sea monster and thus would keep remerging from water. Also, Pluto symbolizes death, destruction, chaos, kidnapping, virus, and obsession. Cetus has ruler planet, Pluto, because the monster was destructive and deadly. Pluto’s energy is associated with Lord Shiva, who could destroy as well as transform.

Personality Traits of Cetus Zodiac sign

Cetus zodiac sign is a mixture of the personality of Pisces and Aries and holds some of its own too. It is capable of destruction and rebirth together. People falling under this zodiac are very powerful and highly competitive. They have a natural tendency to win in any field and competition of life. However, make sure to not fall into their bad books, or do not try to mess with them. They can be more vindictive and fiercer than an Aries. They could seek revenge on you or cut you off totally like a Pisces.

These people have a strong tendency for self-reflection and inner consciousness. They might often retreat in their shells and rejuvenate. Also, they can go far beyond their abilities and make things possible. They often possess dark humor.

In matters of love, they can become obsessive with their partners. They might choke their partner by not giving them any personal space. Meanwhile, at other times they might completely detangle from their partner for the pursuit of their adventures.

On the positive side, Cetus possesses the fierce energy to do whatever they want to. They are good at meeting their goals. Meanwhile, on the negative end, they become extremely clingy or vindictive. You sure want to avoid both sides of their extremes.

Is Cetus bad energy?

Cetus is associated with wickedness, evil, destruction, and negativity. It might be correct to some extent but is not entirely true for Cetus natives. They are protectors of what and who they love. They could also be quite emotional under the surface as Cetus resides in water and water zodiac signs are quite emotional and deep. Cetus is the opposite energies of fire and water working in tandem. Some say water ignites the fire. Meanwhile, others hold that water cools down fire. Whatever it does, Cetus natives are interesting beings full of zeal and zest and are rare. Perhaps you can make a Cetus friend and see the magic of possibilities turning into realities!


Cetus is compatible with water signs and fire signs.

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